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Notes ^_^
So, how do you like the new look? We decided to put planets since we are a "bishounen universe", right?
To those who aren't familiar with the links, let us enlighten you ^_^.
The Elephant and the Raptor are smarter than the average bear. So what? We don't have bears here anyways ~_~. We have  EXCITING rumors to spread so widen up those ears and tune in:
Elephant: I heard there are more bisshies for adoption like that Final Fantasy dude and that cutie from Ayashi no Ceres.
Raptor: REally? I thought Tasuki's page is already done?
Elephant: And some reliable source told me that there are more new entries in the ANIMEN LOOKALIKES section.
Raptor:Wow! Cool! I heard there's a new section that will be premiered tonight. I think they call it ANIMEN GAGS!
Elephant: Oh, splendid! If I'm correct, we'll also see the new profile of  Zechs Marquise!
Raptor: And I can't wait to see the awardees for ANIMEN OF THE MONTH! I heard the winners are NEWBIES!
Elephant: Don't forget they also added new wallpapers for grabs! Some of which were contributed by JBU !
  • ANIMEN LISTINGS--the list of our chosen bishounens, with pics and info about those gorgeous boys of anime and manga! updated Nov. 14
  • ANIMEN ASSORTED--Men whom we don't have much information on but consider as great bishounen picks! 
  • ANIMEN WALLPAPER--Wallpapers to decorate your desktops!  All original!  Brand new! Not just old, renamed  image files! It's fresh! It's hot! It's worth all this babble! Now, be nice and take a look at those bishounens! updated Nov. 14
  • VOTING SECTION--They need YOU...yes, these bishounens need you to vote for them and make them win the title ANIMEN OF THE MONTH!  Click here to vote for your favourites and how YOU can make a difference!updated Nov.14
  • ANIMEN OF THE MONTH--You voted and we posted!  We proudly present the winners you've chosen. Just who is  the Animen of the Month? updated Nov. 14
  • ANIMEN AWARDS--Hey! We won ! But some of the links are up already! Take a peek! Nov. 14
  • ANIMEN LOOKALIKES--Quite a popular page (next to the voting section, that is...) where we gather our Animen who resemble other anime characters--or even real people!  You just can't miss this one. `_* updated Nov. 14
  • ANIMEN FOR KEEPS--Another section made possible by the Baby Elephant's desire to spread bishounen love in the net.  Your choice--keep a bishounen for your site or visit the sites who've adopted them... updated Nov. 14
  • ANIMEN KEEPERS--These are the sites who whole-heartedly adopted the bishounens! Come along for the ride! updated Nov. 14
  • ANIMEN LINKS--We have to thank them all for making this site possible! From link lists to image galleries, you'll find them all here! 
  • SHRINE KEEPERS LAIR--(1)Want to know how this site came about?  (2)Want to know about the Baby Elephant's ramblings? (3) Want to know the Raptor's favorites? (4) Want to know your horoscope? Don't click here for reason no.4!!!  We're not psychics you know... Sidekicks, maybe...
  • ANIMEN GAGS--We just posted some pics we've edited for fun. Try it! new  Nov. 14
  • ANIMEN GUESTBOOK--Please, please sign our guestbook! ^_^ We'd love to hear your views, suggestions and ramblings regarding our li'l shrine !
  • VIEW CURRENT GUESTBOOK--Read what other people say about ANIMEN !
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