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Well now...look who stumbled upon our li'l closet ^o^
This is where we keep those pics we edited all in the spirit of fun,
so please don't take this TOO HARD!!!! It's a fashion statement for some, and
an embarrassment for others...Go and take a peek!
Tasuki !!!!First off, we have Tasuki who is modelling this second hand, well-known coat...formerly owned by a certain Mr. Shinomori. Although a bit over sized, our resident bandit has found many uses and comfort with his new outfit. "Yes, I'm quite fond of this jacket," He says, " I can put lots of stuff inside, plus..." he grins " it matches my hair," he teases Nuriko who was very late for the midnight sale because Mitsukake was driving the car. 

" I'm not quite sure the color suits me," Tokiya says after seeing his own reflection on his ensui while trying out this 'Tama-chan Suit'  sold to him by Tamahome himself. Little does Mr. Mikagami know that the suit was over priced and was also a second hand outfit. 

yusuke ! OK? 

"How do you like this one on me?" Yusuke asks Keiko as he tried on this imported jacket and faded jeans labeled 'Genrou Designs'. So far Keiko approves of his new clothes because she was getting tired of seeing him in his green uniform.

yusuke topless 

"Do you think I'm" Yusuke teases as he took off his shirt to annoy Keiko. He was imitating one of the models in the 'Genrou Designs' poster. As expected, Keiko has left the building.

ran long haired? 

As you can see here, famed florist Ran Fujimiya has opted  for weaves on his hair. "I thought it might look good with my green kimono," he smirks, the closest thing to a smile he'd ever allow anyone to see.

nuriko is wearing my uniform !!! 

Now we have Nuriko who was checking out this Sailor Mercury suit complete with Luna plushie and goggles (but Nuriko preferred to leave the goggles *o*). "You have got to agree that I look pretty even in a Sailor Soldier outfit," Nuriko muses, "but I really would have preferred the Sailor Venus model..."

kenshin? no..Kurama 
And in this corner we have Minamino Shuuichi going to a costume party dressed as Kenshin Himura, more known as 'battousai'. "I think it's cool to be Kenshin," Minamino said, " wearing these contact lenses and the scar drawn on my cheek... You think I do him justice?" he jokes. 
aaaah, Aoshi-sama!!!!!!!!! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, only here will you see  Aoshi Shinomori in a tuxedo!!! Yes, he has agreed to model the 'Tuxedo Kamen' originally made famous by model Mamoru Chiba. Aoshi wore this expensive suit when he went out on a date with this lovely gal ... oh, but we promised we wouldn't tell ^o^

Edited pics of Yusuke, Tokiya, and Nuriko made by the Baby Elephant. Background, title, and edited pics of Tasuki, Aoshi, Shuuichi and Ran made by the Little Raptor
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