Now don't go thinking the men in this section are any less than the gentlemen on the main pages, for they are definitely not! They are sitting in the backroom because of one or more of the following reasons:
- They are minor characters in the anime/manga series they appear in
-There isn't much information available about them on the net despite extensive and exhaustive research/surfing done by the mistresses.
-These guys are characters we've only met recently and we haven't seen much of them as yet
These just as droolsome dudes will be transferred to the main pages when we find out more about them or if you vote them for promotion to the main land. Okay? This is listed in no particular order, so don't go protesting yet ^_^. And now, on with the parade of hunks. Let us begin with…

beautiful yuuhiA lucky accident allowed us to meet this beautiful one. His name is Aogiri Yuuhi, from Yuu Watase's work (again!) Ayashi no Ceres. He's about 15 (if I remember right) and celebrates his natal day on August 8th (ooh, we're under the same sign, ha ^o^). He stands 178 cm (5'10" just like Tasuki-kun ^_^) and his blood type is B (Wai! Make that two things in common). His hobby is cooking (like Kenshin Himura) and that's his special skill too, along with Martial Arts. His mother was a servant in the Aogiri family, so he stayed there with her. When he was 10, she left him and he got sort of "adopted" into the family (heck, just say the word and I'll adopt him too ^_~). The eldest Aogiri son, Kazuma is the one who treats him like a real brother. In order to be accepted Yuuhi does his utmost best in everything he does. Yuuhi's kiss, can somehow turn Ceres back into Aya again. Hey, if he'd kiss me I'll turn into anything he wants me to *_*! Now don't ask me who Aya is, or even Ceres. I haven't a clue what this series is about!


the Horned PrinceThe bad boy/main antagonist of the 70's anime sensation Voltes V, his brown-eyed blonde monarch is definitely bishounen! In my opinion (you can beg to disagree of course ^_^), he looks better than all the men of the Voltes team put together! His younger half-brother Kenichi Gou/Steve Armstrong might give him a run for the money…as long as he doesn't sport that lemon-lime garb of his *_* (waaah…somebody give Kenichi some clothes!). Prince Haineru is the commander of the Boazanian Earth Invasion Forces. Little does he know that the pilots of the Voltes V machine (that he's so hell-bent on destroying) are his half-brothers, courtesy of Dr. Armstrong/Gou. Prince Haineru is the son of Dr. Gou from his first wife in Boazania. He was then known as Ragooru. Ragooru was a supposed heir to the throne of Boazania (being born royalty as the Emperor's nephew) but wasn't crowned when it was revealed he didn't have real horns. He was ousted and arrested. Chaos overcame the horned planet and he and his wife were separated. She died delivering the son he never knew of. Haineru was that kid and he grew up without the knowledge of his father- other than he was a baron. Of course when he found this out, he rallied to his father's side and helped ousting the tyrannous Emperor. Unfortunately, it was at the cost of his life. There isn't much info about this blueblood on the net so he's sitting in the backroom. Otherwise he'd be battling it out on the front row! 


beautiful itsuki! One glance at him at the Yu Yu Hakusho opening theme (during the Seven Psychics Arc) and he was an immediate candidate for this shrine! Those long green locks and golden eyes…bet ya Shinobu Sensui saw that too and the girl in him just couldn't let Itsuki die ^_^! That "same favorite TV show" excuse of his just isn't selling! Itsuki is Sensui's right hand man, best friend and confidante! His powers involve trapping his opponents in his dimension rendering them hapless and powerless. Itsuki does this by ordering his pet, a shadow monster to swallow up the helpless victim. This ginormous pet of his follows all his master's commands. Itsuki's pet was slashed by Kuwabara's sword during the Yusuke-Sensui battle in the cave. Itsuki used to be one of the youkais Sensui (then a Reikai detective) was hunting down. As Sensui closed in for the kill, he asked Itsuki if he had any last wishes. To which Itsuki replied, "Spare my life for just another day." This was so he could watch the last episode of his favorite TV show. Sensui was amused, saying he watched the show too, and he spared Itsuki's life altogether. They've been together ever since, with Itsuki serving as Sensui's "kimosave". He knew Sensui's emotions, mood swings, visions, outlook in life, etc. Itsuki once quoted that Sensui's lack of a human weakness impressed him. When Sensui died, Itsuki took the trouble of taking care of Sensui's body and soul. The latter had not wished his spirit to go to Ningenkai, as all humans would and so Itsuki watched over him, as they lay suspended in time and space in the world of Shadows. 


yusuke...NOT!Another minor villain from Yu Yu Hakusho's Seven Psychics Arc, he is one of Sensui's henchmen. He sort of looks like an "evil (but adorably cute) version of Yusuke." Only their eyes spell the difference. He is a 17-year old high school student who celebrates his birthday on February 3rd. Hagiri's powers are mainly telekinetic. He has the ability to use anything (marbles, dice, beans, you name it.) as bullets. He launches them by snapping them with his fingers and aims them with deadly accuracy towards his opponents. Even if the object is not made of metal, it has the impact of a real bullet. That's why they called him Sniper. While waging war with Yusuke, he was knocked unconscious by Hiei's sword. He was treated afterwards by Dr. Kamiya. When Sensui was defeated, he returned to high school and lived a relatively normal life. 


all hail King RaizenAh yes, the man-eating youko from where the hero of Yu Yu Hakusho arose. Five hundred years before Yusuke was born, Raizen was a hired assassin. At a time when the demons and humans existed in one world, he was hired to kill human beings (well, actually he eats them up instead of letting all that meat go to waste ^.^). As he was being hunted down, he was injured at the back. He stopped over a small house and washed his face only to come face to face with a beautiful woman with nerves of steel. She saw his wounds and treated them. Raizen fell in love with her, as she was the first female not to cower at the sight of him (the fact that she was a babe didn't hurt at all ^_~). It was a real cute scene when she asked him if he planned to make dinner out of her, and she warned him that her body was poisoned. "There's so much poison in my blood you wouldn't be able to finish eating. You'd be dead before sunrise." Is that a pick-up line or what? Apparently when he approached her it wasn't dinner he was after ^_^. Ooh, you know what happened. Yusuke was born nine months later! Unfortunately she died during childbirth. Raizen, at the time got crowned king of the demon world. And all that time, since she died, he has never eaten another human being (talk about a diet!). That's because he was waiting for her to be reincarnated, and if he ate humans, he might accidentally chomp his future mother-in-law. He died of starvation and that's when Yusuke organized the tournament that would determine the next Makai ruler.


sexy Sagara The beautiful leader of the Sakihoutai (Sakihou troop in the English dub)! Introduced in one of the earlier episodes of  Rurouni Kenshin as the mentor and hero of Sanosuke Sagara. Here's some contribution from KAY ^_^: During the Meiji and Tokugawa war, people of minor status's were  facing alot of hardships. Sagara Souzou, a learned man in both militarism and national studies,  formed an army of mainly farmers and peasants who strived to help the Meiji government and abolish the 4 class system which was of bushis, artisans, farmers andmerchants;  and believed that everyone deserved equal rights. Thus he was the founder and leader of the Sekihoutai, the force that worked alongside the Ishins to help the Meiji government. All his people respected him. Then a time came when they were orderes to tell the people that the annual tax would be reduced to half. But the government really didn't have enough money to fulfill their word. So once the Meiji had gained power and fame, and had no more use of the Sekihoutai, it announced that the Sekihoutai was a fake army and that the Meiji had never said anything about the reducing of taxation. The Sekihoutai was stocked  and all the member were killed besides the young Sanosuke (who must have been 9 at the time) and Souzou, who was leaning over Sano's shoulder, badly injured. The Ishinsheishi caught up with their slow pace and were about to kill them when Souzou pushed Sano off the cliff and into the river, coming forward in his place. While being carried away by the fast currents of the river, the last thing Sano was able to see was his  beloved leader, 'Sagara Taichou' as he called him, fall on the ground as his body got wounded with numerous shots. The leader, Sagara Souzou, was later decapitated and his head was placed infront of the crowd. Sanosuke eventually took his last name since he idolised him so much, and swore revenge. So then, even though the Sagara Taichou died, his spirit and memory still lived inside the hearts of people like Sano, Tsunan (and me^_^).  


kamuiWe've only encountered this boy once, and that was in the "X" OAV. A 15 year old boy who possesses incredible powers and a blurred past. His mother told him about this but he wasn't able to truly understand. Kamui was the force who would tip the scales in the battle between the Land Dragons and the Sky Dragons. Whoever he chooses to side with will be ascertained victory. But then there's Kamui's alter ego that would balance the scales and will side opposite of who Kamui would choose. Kamui wields a fancy sword, which he wasn't too keen on using until the people he most cared about got involved. Namely his beloved Kotori and his best buddy Fuuma whom he had sworn to protect. He wasn't too happy about getting involved in the Land Dragon-Sky Dragon fiasco but then Kanoe fixed all that by kidnapping Kotori. In the end, Kamui, the poor boy, is left alone as all he had cherished perished before his very eyes. Boy has he got a tragic life! :{ 


OOOps!!!  This spot was formerly occupied by Tokiya...he's been promoted and has his OWN PAGE, so go visit him there, Ok? ^0^   



mamoru with red hairThis ravishing redhead is the leader of the Darkmoon mission on the earthly conquest to find the lost child (Chibiusa). That was before he got reduced to nothingness in favor of the beautiful Esmeraude. He together with the Darkmoon sisters ventured to earth to find Chibiusa who had crossed time and space seeking help from the Sailor senshis. I don't know how many of the dark moon sisters were in love with him, but the most prominent was Cooan, who is known in our country as Bethsaite. Why you ask? Beats me. The dubbers probably thought every SM villain should have a name that ends in "ite". She's the one with purple Chibiusa-ish hairdo in the ballerina-like outfit). Of course being the bad guy he merely uses her for his personal gain. He almost turned good in the end though, but then he got killed. Funny to note how much he looks like Mamoru!  


hold that tiger, hold that tigerOne of the Amazon Trio and a villain of the Sailor Moons Super S series. One of Queen Neherenia's henchmen. Mistakenly taken for a female by us when we first laid eyes on him. Wears a horrendous swimsuit for an outfit *_*. (As all of the three of them do...who dresses them up anyway???). Is actually a gorgeous piece of the male species. Likes silly, young girls (unlike his friend Hawk's Eye who prefers older women). Loves to drink with his buddies in a bar at the circus. Is extremely vain and thinks he's the most beautiful man alive. Another droolworthy Sailor Moon adversary *sigh*.  


beautiful alienStill a Sailor Moon villain, he appears in the first half of the Sailor Moon R series. Brought to earth by the evil tree that feeds on energy, he and his sole companion Ann seek to feed their tree, that has also become their home. He disguises as a student in Usagi's class, and he plays the flute. An immediate school heartthrob (not that we can blame them, he's kawaii with or withour the disguise!). Falls in love with Usagi, whilst his lady companion falls for Mamoru. His flute summons youmas from playing cards. Realizes that his true love is Ann when she gets killed. The tree was initially inhabited by many similar beings as they, but when they got selfish, they killed each other until the two of them, Ail and Ann were left. They learned to care for each other then. After all the tussle and Ann is reincarnated, the tree was reborn and the two of them went off in search of another planet to live in.  


tamahome?Wai! Another one of  Watase-sama's creations from the Bishounen Paradise Fushigi Yuugi. The best friend/confidante/drinking buddy/dance partner of his Funky Fangness Suzaku Seishi Tasuki/Genrou. He is 19 years old and one of the series comic reliefs (along with his best buddy). Met Genrou when he saved the latter's hide (beat him actually ^_^). Assumed leadership of the Mt. Leikaka bandits after Genrou left to join his fellow seishis. Has a brief run in the anime. Bears a scar on his right cheek. Loves to drink sake. Loves to dance. Has a striking similarity to Tamahome...only darker, with messier hair and a scar on his cheek. Isn't he soooo cute? Especially when he does the Mt. Leikaka dance with Genrou! 

beautiful samon!The star of this manga series, he is the illegitimate son of the daimyo of Sagami and a prostitute. When the daimyo's own two sons died, he learned of this young man's existence. He tracked him down and Samon thus became the next in line to the daimyo's place. Can't see without his glasses. Another to-die-for hunk courtesy of the incredible genius Yuu Watase! Apparently a cross between that hunky Fushigi Yuugi emperor Hotohori-sama and his archrival in love, Tamahome. Why does Watase-same keep on torturing us by making these incredibly beautiful men on ink and paper! Aaaah! torture me some more Watase-sama!!!! 
Hailing from Rekka no Honoo is this adorable origami master, Saicho! Kawaiiiiii beyond words. He is second in command in Team Kuu, the first group Recca and friends met in the opening round of the Urabutousatsoujin. He faced Recca in the fourth bout, fighting with all his might with the powers of the Shiki gami and utilizing the Thousand Cranes technique. Time elapsed for him, however, as a previous injury prevents him from fighting beyond 10 minutes. He loses to Recca, but becomes friends with Team Hokage anyway. He can even be seen playing and defeating Recca in playstation while hanging out with the group. Engaged (yes, unfortunately for all us hopefuls) to Mezoura, Kukkai's daughter (FYI, Kukkai is the head of Team Kuu). Looks a lot like RK's deceased Souzo Sagara of the Sakihoutai. Saicho is also the best friend of Kaoru Koganei. He falls victim, however to Joker (one of the Uruha Jyusshinshuu) and is currently in a coma.