burn baby burn
you have arrived at the lair of genrou!
burn baby burn
You finally got here!
Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting for my page to get done? Eleven #$&@#? months !!! Tamahome: That's because they don't think your bishounen--you just forced them to put you here.
Tasuki: Who asked YOU? What the $#%@ are you doing here anyway? Go back to your page. It's probably rotting anyhow...Where was I ? Oh...Click on any link. The Baby Elephant (You call that an Elephant? er...) promised to make my page the best, so you judge...Tamahome: Really now? They love me more since they made my page the VERY first Animen Page
Tasuki: Uh-huh. Yeah, right. Haven't you seen their collection? It's all Genrou, Genrou, Genrou! Right fellas?
Fans: (in unison) Right!!!
Tasuki: Good! Now stand back as I do my stuff.  Lekka...
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