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 Since May 01, 2000
Konnichi-wa one and all! You have stumbled upon the newest segment of this bishounen shrine, Bishounen For Keeps. It's our version of an adoption site actually! We don't know of any other bisshie adoption centers (not that we've really looked far enough *_* if you know one, let us know!) so we decided to make one. Anyways, have a look around and get to adopt your very own anime hunk! Here are the simple rules we laid out for everyone.... 
1. You must have a website. It doesn't necessarily have to be one hailing the bishounen you want to adopt. That is, you don't have to have a Kenshin site to adopt Kenshin Himura ^_^x. It can be a midi site or a fanart site, anything as long as it is anime and it doesn't have any HENTAI.  
2. You have to link to us. That's one of the purposes of this adoption site, for one ^_^, to spread bisshie love all over the net. So other people can come here and adopt also, ne? In return we will also put a link to you in this page.   
3. One bishounen per site. Not that you can't adopt only one anime babe. If you want to adopt a number of them, you can do so if you have a number of sites. This isn't because we're selfish or anything, but because we would like to be fair and give everyone an equal opportunity to adopt their beloved bisshie boy.  
4. You have to put up the bishounen adoption badge we're going to send you in 10 days. It would really help if you tell us what part of your shrine you'll put the badge in so we wont go nuts looking for it. If the badge is not up in ten days, your bishounen will be up for grabs again, and it will be indicated in this site. Of course we'd be considerate and e-mail you a reminder to put it up before we put the babe again for adoption.  
5. Take care of them...these bishounens were made to be shown, so please don't hide the pics to yourselves and be proud of your li'l babes O_o  Simple enough ne? Here's sample of our badge ^_^. 
 tasuki kun is mine! 
The images below are mini-versions of our adoption badges. The actual badges will be sent to you via e-mail along with instructions. Not all of them are uniform in size *_* because our graphics program is a little difficult to use ^^;;;. Take your pick! We have samurais, ninjas, a botanist, cooks, an angel, aliens, loners, a fox, assasins, generals, an emperor, a prince, bandits, a musician, an ordinary student, a pilot...There's a form below to fill up and send to us. If it doesn't work, you can e-mail us Baby Elephant or Little Raptor! No problem! Please put three choices of bisshies according to preference. First, second and third choices. Those who e-mail first will get the bishounen first. First come, first served ^_^. Thanks everyone! The thumbnails are not linked to the original images.
The bishounen marked in red with the title reserved means that they have already been taken and are pending for approval i.e, waiting for the time that they post the badge on their site. If the badge has not been placed, the bishounen will automatically be up for grabs again ^_^. Links to the bisshie's adopted "parents" will be placed as soon as they have been approved.
 Check out these cool sites who've adopted our first batch of bishounens.
As of this date, Sept. 21, 2000, The Little Raptor will temporarily
NOT ACCEPT applications for adoption.
BUT WHY???? you might ask.
This has to be done so she can update the pages AND to check the availability
of bishounens for adoptions. Some of the badges  have already been sent but have
not been displayed and it is unfair to those who want to adopt these bishounens.
So, if you are one of the kind people who adopted  but did not display the badge,
please, have pity and put them on your webpages and be proud of your babes.
If not, the Little Raptor will definitely give them up for adoption once more.
So don't say I didn't warn ANYBODY.
All we ask is PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES...^_^
There are only 5 rules. Not too much to ask, is it?
You have a problem about this adoption thingy?
then MAIL ME. The Baby Elephant is too busy attending to other sick Elephants
at the moment..........................
*PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH VERSION YOU'D LIKE...(e.g. Van Fanel, version 1) not too much to ask, is it?  ^^  Now what are you waiting for---adopt now!
Van, version 1
Van Fanel  
(Vision of Escaflowne)  
version 1  
  NUBE ( Nueno Meisuke) 
(Hell Teacher Nube)
(Flame of Recca)  


 Allen, version 1
Yuuto, version 1
trowa barton
 Allen Schezar  
(Vision of Escaflowne)
version 1
version 1
Trowa Barton
(Gundam Wing)
Allen version 2
(Sailor Moon)
(Wedding Peach)


Allen Schezar 
(Vision of Escaflowne)
version 2
 Carrot Glaces
(Bakuretsu Hunters)
 Aki Mikage
(Ayashi no Ceres)
(Flame of Recca)
 Vincent Valentine
(Final Fantasy VII)
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All the adoptees pics were edited by the Baby Elephant and the Little Raptor. Background created by the Little Raptor. We reserve the right not to be sued for any dizziness, hyperactivity, tears, overdrooling, or tooth decay before, during, and after adopting these beautiful  animen.  They were born beautiful, so don't complain ~_^
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