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Hi everybody and welcome to ANIMEN: THE BISHOUNEN UNIVERSE!  This is a project made by us, Baby Elephant and the Little Raptor.  It's the culmination of months of planning and sweating it out on the CPU.  Baby Elephant has done most of the typing, and Little Raptor created most of the backgrounds and special effects on the pages ( other specified backgrounds  used courtesy of  Background City).  As you can see on the buttons below, we have gathered our favorite anime/manga studs and put them under this banner.  What does animen stand for?  It's a term we coined for Anime Men.  We don't mind if you take the images, though it would be great if you'd link to our shrine.  Not too much to ask, ne?  Anyway, enjoy your visit.  Oh, and please bring out some paper towels before you go's a tedious task to wipe all that drool on the keyboard afterwards. ^_~  This site has been up and running since December 30, 1999. And for those who wonder why we don't use fancy effects (like applets and java stuff)...well, we wouldn't want to take an eternity to load a single page  ^_^ 
 Yipppeeeee! This section has just been updated (obviously)! Check our newbie Animen member ZECHS MARQUISE and see TASUKI'S PAGE!!! Happy, aren't we?
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One of the "Bishounens of Escaflowne". Visit this Knight and get to know more about his past, his love life, and all the things you thought you already knew about him.  SPOILERS !!!
Almost everyone's favorite enemy from Fushigi Yuugi. Suboshi's twin brother who, despite the striking similarity to his twin, is still favored among the two.
aoshi shinomori 
From the series Rurouni Kenshin: Gang leader, foster father, excellent swordsman, hunk.  What more are you looking for?  Commitment?  Don't push your luck , honey...   
ran fujimiya
One of the most wanted men (from Weiß Kreuz) in anime today. He's got the looks, the baaad attitude, the katana and the trenchcoat. He's animen material alright...   
That kawaii little man in Yu Yu Hakusho wielding his sword at all those who get in his way. Rrrrrrrr!  Feel the power that is Hiei...   
seijuroh hiko 
Another Rurouni Kenshin character who claims to be "Super Bishounen" of them all.  Click to know why...   
Fushigi Yuugi wouldn't be Fushigi Yuugi without Hotohori...same goes for a bishounen shrine.  Need we say more?   
ken hidaka
Oh, we are so sorry--were you thinking of Barbie's boytoy?  Terribly mistaken, 'cause this Ken ain't taken yet--'cause he's hear that?  All mine!!!  But of course he doesn't know that yet, so please don't tell :p    
kenshin himura
The domesticated swordsman.  Would you believe it?  And he's drop dead gorgeous, too!  I marked the "x" on his face to tell you all that he's mine (ha-ha-ha!...chokes, then falls to the ground unconscious)  
The Big Boss with an attitude that matches his height.  Don't laugh, I'm not kidding!  He's short tempered when he's in his child form and patient in his teenage form...   
The alter ego/new personality of Youko...more gentle, more thoughtful, still as good-looking, yet more human...oh, and more hair on the head,  I suppose...   
The fans have been screaming about Flame of Recca's main villain. He's adorable yet twisted in his own bossy way...*the two animals hug the master of the blue flame and gets cooked on the spot* 
This bishounen is actually happy to join the ranks of MAIN PAGE bishounen. He gets along quite well with General Neflite for some specific here if you'd like to know...^_~
Was reincarnated as a person without a single romantic bone in his body for the woman he's destined to be with.  Just kidding! Well, I guess he finds it hard to express himself to a princess...  
That evil, evil man you love to hate and love to love.  Misunderstood, misjudged, mistreated.  Yes, we are in Nakago's defense, so don't sue us.  Just visit his page to know why we love him so...  
Dear Neflite, this bishounen shrine happened because of you.  If you hadn't appeared on those few episodes in Sailor Moon, who knows what kind of shrine we'd have wouldn't be as nice without YOU...actually my real name is Naru, and...(the police catch up with the crazed shrine keeper and sends her to an imaginary cell and charged with FALSE CLAIMS).  
"Beautiful girl,stay with me..."  Oh! I thought he was a she!  We must admit that Nuriko's prettier than Miaka, right fellahs?  
He's huggable, he's adorable, he's as genki as it gets! Ooops!  We mean he's as cute as it gets ~_~;;  Don't be shy...we know you've been longing to see his page!  
This is Raiha-kun's page. We believe that this famous Uruha ninja ought to have his own place in this bishounen shrine. Raiha has Fuuko no Miko to thank for his promotion into the main pages... 
This red-hot bishounen is the star of the series he's in.  He's got trouble with his big brother Kurei, gets into a fight with Domon, argues with Fuuko, falls in love with...oooh, should we tell?  
The big, the bad, the ever-so-loyal Sanosuke, also from Rurouni Kenshin.There are three things he couldn't part with:(1) his friends; (2) his clothes [the white one]; (3)that little fishbone he couldn't bear to throw away.  Any sentimental value to it?  
sohjiro seta 
Welcome the newest addition to the main pages of the Bishounen Universe!  This smiling boy wonder is definitely worth your visit. Oh, and when Sohjiro smiles at you and starts pulling out his sword, DON'T SAY WE DIDN'T WARN YOU!  ^_^  
Tamaaaa-chan!  The most popular character in Fushigi Yuugi--because he says so.  
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very important announcement to make. TASUKI'S PAGE IS DONE! TASUKI'S PAGE IS DONE! Go there now!
The Master of the Ensui, from the series Flame of Recca.  Claims to be better and more popular than Recca.  Is actually better in school than Recca.  Doesn't like Domon.  Never did...  
van fanel
Here comes another member of the Royal Family...King Van of Fanelia! To all those who wish to worship his highness, click here. 
The fox that rocked the cradle is the fox that rules the world...duh...Youko is as bishounen as possible.  Tell me, who doesn't even mildly consider him bishounen material?  What with that magnificent physique, great looks, and intelligence all rolled in one package called Youko...   
youji kudou 
Get yourselves hot-wired with this cool bishounen who is out to get all the women out, not quite.  The wire-slingin', good-lookin' assasin of Weiß Kreuz fame.  Go get him before he's taken!   
The lead character who isn't taken very seriously by Yu Yu Hakusho fans...maybe it's the hair...or his clothes...or something.  Nevertheless we found the best reason to put him in this shrine--WE LIKE HIM!!! 
This page is being renovated.
Wouldn't you love to get to know this hot mecca pilot! Buckle up and let him take you for a ride to his main page ^_^ 
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