Animen of the Month!
Hello again!  Warmest greetings from the Elephant & the Raptor
as we welcome you to the poll results...
(Yup, no prolonged speeches this time)
OCTOBER 01-31...And this month's Animen of the Month is...well,

SEPTEMBER 01-30...Yipee! Make a real good guess who is this month's winner...NYAHAHA! We Won't tell! Find out for yourselves!!!!

AUG. 01-31 Winners for the month of August are as follows:

JULY 01-31...The truth is out there...the winners have been given their respective places...The winners have something in common...The first and third placers are not from this world, the second and third placers are into greenery, and all three of them have joined a tournament. Just who are they? Click on the link to satisfy your curiosity!

JUNE 01-30...Yep! Yep! Yep! Winners galore! Different winners once more!

MAY 01-31...Here goes this month's tallied votes. People have been Extremely supportive of this poll and we thank you all  *^_^* Take a look at the winners YOU'VE voted for!!!

APRIL 01-30...Yay! it's official!  The results are now in!  Who would've known that the trend would change dramatically in just one month's time...

MARCH 01-31...this month's candidates have doubled because we didn't have the heart to leave some of the men out of the voting section--plus, we're in the mood to punish ourselves updating stuff in this shrine, so we hope you've enjoyed your visit =) ...and please excuse Mr. Bishounen here, he hasn't been very cooperative lately *_*

FEBRUARY 01-29...Congratulations to the first batch of winners in our Animen of the Month poll!  Yay!  Please support our voting section every month...make YOUR favorite win this lovely title ^_^

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