spirits move me...
I'm looking for a fight at the moment...Hey there! This is Urameshi Yusuke, the star of Yu Yu Hakusho ^_^! Finally somebody has appreciated my dashing good looks! And I thought all you people saw was Kurama! Okay, about me…you people know that I was a 15-year old, knuckle happy dude who lived on the edge. Until I kicked the bucket trying to save a hardheaded kid who refused to get off the pavement! Botan, a blue-haired girl on a flying oar (she was actually a guide cum messenger from Reikai) told me I wasn't supposed to meet my maker yet and my soul had nowhere to go. So I was brought to Koenma (the little boy of Enma Daioh, Lord of the Dead), and was given several tests and I was given a second life. I became a detective for the Reikai (Reikai Tentai), and went off to numerous adventures, accompanied by my friends Kazuma Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei. Kuwabara used to be my archrival, as we tried to out-do the other as the toughest fighter of Sarayashiki Jr. High School. Kurama and Hiei were partners in Reikai and I got to join after apprehending them as they stole the 3 treasures of the Reikai. Kurama took the Wish Granting Mirror to cure his mother, in exchange for his life. I couldn't stand the thought so I offered half of my life instead. The mirror spared us both because of our initial good intentions (you owe me one, Kurama!). The four of us then had our own share of battles and (mis) adventures. We had gone to battle the Four Beasts, and rescue Hiei's sister Yukina from the clutches of Sakyo. Then face every size and shape of youko in the Black Martial Arts Tournament. We attempted to seal off the hole in the Gate (linking Makai and Ningenkai) created by Shinobu Sensui. And try to outdo every ambitious demon in the Makai Tournament. I went my way, paving the road with my guts and my "reigan". All through this I had many brushes with death…actually I got killed by Shinobu Sensui during the Seven Psychics arc. I was merely reincarnated by the youko blood that ran through my veins, courtesy of King Raizen-the ruler of Makai and my real life dad. 

Keiko!!!  I'm home!!!Oh, and I found out about my past too. Urameshi Atsuka, the alcoholic who raised me as her son wasn't my real mother. I was the product of a one-night affair between King Raizen and a human woman. He met her while escaping from hunters and accidentally trespassing her yard. My mom, a beautiful healer (so now you know where I got my drop-dead good looks ^_~) treated his wounds and he fell in love with her in a snap. That's coz she didn't run away from him in fear. Unfortunately she died giving birth to me and was not reincarnated. My father went on the ultimate diet, abstaining from eating human flesh because he was waiting for her to return (sadly she didn't). That led to his demise and leaving me to organize the Makai Tournament to determine the next ruler. Yomi, Kurama's former right hand man and the ruler of Gandara eliminated me. But in the end it was Enki, a friend of my father who proved triumphant. My dad told me I was too young to take the position anyway and he wasn't the least bit mad. I'll join the tournament again in 3 years time. I've also met many memorable people in my stint as a Reikai detective. There was Master Genkai who trained me in preparation for the Black Martial Arts Tournament, the Toguro brothers who were more than a handful fighting, especially the younger Toguro. Of course there's Shinobu Sensui, a former Reikai detective who got disillusioned with the people he worked for. And who'd forget Pu? It was a mere egg when it was given to me in my earlier days as a detective. Master Genkai told me No, Yusuke, you're not getting another kiss from me!that it'd be a reflection of my character. If I was good, it'll be good too. If I'd been bad, it'll be just as bad…and worse, it'll have me for dinner *_*! Of course I won't forget Yukimura Keiko, my childhood friend and sweetheart. She's a pretty, bright girl who acts like a mother hen over me. Can't blame her though, can we ^_~. And I love her all the same! Okay, that's enough talk. Why don't you come on over and look at the real cool gallery they built for me? See ya all! 

AN ELEPHANT'S RAMBLINGS…(by Baby Elephant of course!) Yahoo Yusuke! 

Yusuke was the very first Yu Yu Hakusho character I've laid eyes upon when I was changing channels. I went…"Oooh who's this guy? He's kind of cute. This anime looks interesting." And the rest was history. I ended up a bigger YYH fan than I've ever bargained for ^_^. Yusuke (or Eugene as he is known in my country) at the time was battling Lazarus (one of the four beasts). At first I thought his eyes were a little too big and his hair could use a better cut. But I've grown to love this particular juvenile delinquent with the deadly index finger. And though I prefer his hair with bangs (that first image up there), Yusuke isn't Yusuke without the slicked-back cow-licked do (if you're Filipino, you'll know what I mean :p). He's a cool guy and though he isn't classical bishounen he deserves this main page, for all he's worth ^_^. It's not just about long hair and tender-looking eyes. Being animen is all about how you carry yourself and how you project your image. Yusuke is Yusuke is Yusuke…and I luv him all the same :] . 

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