GET RID OF THE PACIFIER I SAY!Good day to everyone! This is Koenma (in the Philippine dub, I am Boss Jericho) of Yu Yu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi. I'm taking time off from my busy schedule to entertain you people here. Whew! I could use the break though. All work and no play make a dull boy, you know! 

There isn't much information available about me in the net. I'm the son of Enma Daioh, Lord of the Dead. That's why I have a junior (JR) sign on my forehead. Ko-enma means the "son of Enma" or "Enma's child." Enma Daio Junior- you get the picture, ne? I'm usually in my toddler form but when I go to Ningenkai, I assume a mature form so people wont laugh at me. Still, fans regard me as some kind of comic relief for the series ~_~. I'm a busy person, you know. 

My job in the Reikai is administrative. I run a lot of things, you can see me sort and stamp documents all day. I'm loaded with work so I am awfully stressed! So don't go wondering why I can be short-tempered and easily peeved . My assistants are Botan and an oni named George Saotome. Botan is my messenger to Yusuke and his gang. We're not romantically involved. I'm too young and too busy for that! 

if he doesn't remove that pacifier, i will!I am more powerful than I look, and much older as well. I don't use my powers very often though. I try not to meddle in the affairs of my detectives. I attended the Ankoku Bujutsukai but I didn't join the fray. I only protected Yusuke's friends from the impact of the power blasts coming from the combatants. I almost did get involved though, after Master Jeremiah/Genkai (local dub, I don't know his Japanese name) died, I placed in as substitute. Good thing I didn't get to fight. I was involved to a minor extent in the Seven Psychics Arcs. The pacifier I had served as a seal to the tear in the gate to the Makai. I always had that pacifier because the longer it stays in my mouth; the more power is stored in it. The pacifier also helps in healing injuries, as I did with Amanuma (The Game Master). So it has more purposes than something to calm me with, okay? 

There are a number of images of myself here. Just click on and see. Bye now! I've got work to do. 

BABY ELEPHANT GOES: Cute and cuddly Koenma! 

Though he looks amusing in his toddler form, I'd rather see Koenma in his teenage appearance! Isn't he soooo bishounen! Too bad he doesn't get rid of his pathetic pacifier *_*. Really now, I mean, can't he use a baseball cap or an earring to seal off the Makai gate? As a two-year old, he looks like something on display at a souvenir shop...but in disguise...WHOA! Whenever is he going to grow up? Permanently? He should be forever in his teenage form so the Reikaitentai would take him seriously. As for his pairing with Botan...well, they do look nice together, ne ^_`? Maybe one day when he looks up from all those documents he's stamping, he'll finally see and appreciate Botan's unearthly charm! 

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