Greetings, beautiful people! The Elephant and the Raptor happily present to you the results for
Animen of the Month!
The voting period was held from March 01-31...and we must say
THANK YOU to all those who participated ^_^ The response was indeed overwhelming and
we hope you will still support the voting section every month.  This month,  there were twice as many candidates (40) vying for the title Animen of the Month, and as some results were extremely high, one Animen in particular got no vote at all!  Poor dude...
with a score of 152 votes
2nd Runner up is...
Tokiya Mikagami
really now...2nd runner up?
So I didn't win this time--big deal.  At least the fans still think I'm better than you, Recca.
 Maybe someday Yanagi will see that, too.  Now will the two of you please stop taking pictures of me?
next in line with a score of 216
1st Runner up is...
Youji Kudou
I can't believe it...this is an outrage!
Yes, this is an outrage!   My fans did their best, I know, and I'm grateful.
Somehow I have this feeling that somebody tampered with the results,
because I know I should be the one called "Bishounen of the Month!"
*Yoji whispers*  Hey, Omi, did you do it for Aya?
*Omi answers back* Of course not!  If I could tamper the results,
my name would've been on top of the list...
*Yoji*  Really?  I didn't know you were that confident
*Omi No, not that I think much of myself.  I just thought it would be cool to be "Bishounen of the Month..."
*Ken*  If you ask me, I think Sakura did most of the voting for Aya...
*Yoji*  Oh, never mind....if only Asuka was here, she'd beat the hell--
*Ken* Will you quit complaining?  You're beginning to get to my nerves. Oh, here he comes...
and the winner who received
1,616 votes  is
Aya Fujimiya
raptor's creation ^_^ 
created using Ulead Gif Animator 
raptor's creation ^_^ 
To those nice people who voted for me, thank you.  I wasn't expecting this.
It was hard enough trying to escape from the grasp of that big elephant and
avoiding those flying kisses from that scaly reptile, so please, Yoji, Ken, Omi,
I'd be glad to trade places with you guys.
(a few moments of silence as the elephant and the raptor beg Aya to keep his title)
All right, all right.  Just quit bugging me, okay?
I'm the Animen of the Month and proud of it...(he looks behind him
where the two animals watch him closely).  Don't look at me like that!
I'm not the winner last month
I didn't get a haircut, and I never had to dye my hair red, got that???
  The Poll Results
(March 01-31, 2000)
Aya Fujimiya 1616 
Youji Kudou  216 
Tokiya Mikagami  152 
Sohjiro Seta  68 
Amiboshi  52 
Omi Tsukiyono  40 
Ken Hidaka  38 
Tasuki  33
Kenshin Himura  30
Larva  26
Tamahome  25
Shirou Kamui  23
Youko Kurama  22
Minamino Shuuichi  21
Recca Hanabishi  20
Hotohori  19
Aoshi Shinomori  18
Neflite  15
Sanosuke Sagara  15
Hiei  14
Nuriko  14
Brad Crawford  14
Kurei  13
Yusuke Urameshi  11
Sagara Soujo   11
Nakago  10
Tooya  8
Saicho  8
Enishi  8
Kouji  6
Hiko  5
Mamoru Chiba  5
Aogiri Yuuhi  5
Itsuki  5
Schuldich  3
Suzaku  3
Karasu  3
Rubeus    3
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