Ladies and gentlemen, The Elephant and The Raptor
presents to you the long awaited results for
Animen of the Month..
Also shown are the runners up of the poll...
To all those who participated, we @thank you!@
And for those whose candidates won, we *congratulate*  you!
And for those who want someone else to win, then vote for your favorites!!!
The first poll held from February 01-29 had 19 candidates to choose from.
Here are the winners, from the runner ups to the main awardee!
with a ranking of  11%
2nd Runner up is...
Recca Hanabishi
 2nd runner up
My hime would have loved for me to take home the prize...I was this close to winning!
Congratulations, my friend, for bagging the big one!  I wouldn't mind as long as my hime
thinks I'm the most bishounen of them all, then I'm FINE!!!
earning as much as 14%
1st Runner up is...
   Huh! How many times must I tell you that being bishounen is not important to me...
(pauses to *thwack* the webmistresses who tried to take a picture of him).
DO YOU MIND???  I do not like being stalked by strange ANIMALS!!!
And the award goes to:
Tokiya Mikagami
who received a percentage of 21% of the total, it was a tough competition!
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 The winner takes it all...
Me?  Animen of the Month?  Hah!  Beat that, Recca!
I'm sorry about that.  I am grateful for all those votes, but please don't
start calling me names such as Beefcake boy or Boytoy or any other silly name,
especially when Yanagi's around.  Only guys like Recca and Domon would appreciate that.
*ducks to avoid Saiha's blazing fury*
Stop acting like a child, Recca.  Remember what the webmistress said about me:
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...
The Poll Results
(February 01-29, 2000)
Tokiya Mikagami  14
Hiei 9
Recca Hanabishi 7
*not listed here* 5
Aya Fujimiya 4
Yusuke Urameshi 4
*not listed here* 5
Kenshin Himura 3
Neflite 3
Omi Tsukiyono 3
Amiboshi 2
Hotohori 2
Minamino Shuuichi 2
Sanosuke Sagara 2
Aoshi Shinomori 1
Koenma 1
Mamoru Chiba 1
Nakago 1
Nuriko 1
Tamahome 1
Youko Kurama 1
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