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Neflite, is it me you're looking for?  :-))Greetings, humans I see you are interested in my profile. Hmmm…I'm not too open about my life but I guess there's no harm in a little disclosure. Every Sailor Moon  fan knows me as Neflite/Nephrite, the second of the Negaverse Generals- and the best looking at that (smirks). On earth I took the name and identity of Masato Sanjouin/Maxfield Stanton- a millionaire playboy cum tennis instructor. I'm in my twenties or centuries- depending on what time frame you're asking. My birthday falls on the 21st of July so I am a Cancer by constellation (What'd you say? No, I'm not related to Tamahome, whoever he is). What do I like? Stargazing, primarily. After all, my power is generated by the stars. What else? Red wine comes to mind too. Apparently it's the only thing you see me consume in my entire Sailor Moon appearance. My car- the slick red Ferrari, I loved that also. Naru-chan? Of course, I like her too-but more on her later. What things do I not like? Tuxedo Mask, definitely! The man is a pain in the behind! And I abhor chocolate ice cream too, ugh! It brings back too many unhappy memories. The story of my life…admit it or not, humans, it's one of those more interesting segments of Sailor Moon, ne?   
so...where are you hiding the crystals?My initial mission was like that of Jadeite (my stupid predecessor before Queen Beryl stuffed him inside a crystal), that is, to collect human energy. Unlike that trigger-happy blond-mop, I preferred for humans to be at peak energy levels before I extract it from their bodies. I lost interest in that endeavor after those Sailor senshis ruin every darn mission I make (made me look bad in Beryl's eyes and gave that closet queen Zoisite something to prod me with). I instead had higher interest, that of finding the Imperium Silver Crystal/ginzuishou. I created the Homing Crystal /Black Crystal to lead me to it. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) it leads me to Naru-chan/Molly instead. Her love for me was affecting the homing crystal, and for a moment I thought she possessed it. When that scheming Zoisite found out about my plans, he sent a youma/she-demon to steal the crystal from me. Thinking Naru-chan had the crystal, the youma attacked her (just shows you how dumb those youmas can get). I'd never allow that, so I rescued the poor girl and gave that youma what she was asking for. It was at this point when I realized Naru...I think I've fallen for you...that…hard as it is for me to admit…I've fallen for Naru-chan. Ahhh, no wonder that black homing crystal led me to her. Zoisite tries a dirty trick again, using Naru-chan as bait for a trap. But I beat those youmas anyway and rescued her. This is when we got a short but memorable private moment together (sighs). It was one of the best times of my life. It was during this time that those sneaky youmas got to me. The Sailor senshis got there a little too late to save me. I learned in this dying minutes the true identity of Sailor Moon. And I'm the only Negaverse general to find out about this (what'd you say about that Zoisite? Hah!). Though I gave my solemn promise to Usagi that I'd never let her secret out. Call it the last good thing I thought I'd do for Naru-chan and the Sailor senshis who tried o rescue me. In the Silver Millenium, Sailor Jupiter/Makoto was my girl. Satisfied, humans? I see you are interested in seeing images of this general as well move on then, to the gallery of the stars…   

Baby Elephant Rates The General: As Hot As The Stars  

Probably the most popular of the Negaverse generals, this guy is. And in my opinion the most bishounen as well. Really now…Jadeite's cute but I don't go much for his hairdo, Zoisite isn't shonen-heck I'm not sure what Zoisite is, Malachite/Conzite isn't my type either. Must be the white hair. Add the fact that apparently Neflite is the only one with a heart of the four generals. Sure he was an arrogant, scheming, selfish sap in the beginning but love changed all that, ne? Naru and his love story was one of the many dramatic points in Sailor Moon and one of the most dealt with, especially in fanfic-dom. He's one stud to swoon at! I particularly adore those blue eyes! Yup, "the stars know everything" alright. One look at him and you'll definitely be starry eyed!   

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