mesmerized by Mamoru
when I see you smile...I can face the know I can do anythingHello everybody! Chiba Mamoru here from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi. I am also known as Tuxedo Mask/Tuxedo Kamen, Darien (in the DIC dub) and Prince Endymion (during the Silver Millenium). In Sailor Moon R, you'll also find me as The Knight of the Moonlight. I'm 18 years old and I celebrate my birthday on August 3, so that makes me a Leo. I like the color black, love eating chocolates and my favorite subject is Physics. I'm planning to become a doctor someday. I don't have a family, as both my parents have passed away. I have no siblings either. I live alone in my apartment and go to college. I'm self-supportive, using modeling as a sideline. I don't have many friends, only Motoki from the arcade and the Sailor senshis.     

tuxedo kamen-sama! Before being  reborn as Mamoru Chiba, I was a prince of the earth at the time of the Silver Millenium. I fell in love with Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom. Our affair had not prospered, as there was a threat of war that time. The Negaverse had attacked, and my generals had betrayed me and joined forces with Queen Beryl. They invited me to join but I refused. Memories of that battle had come rushing back in segments of my dreams when I was reincarnated. So you often find me angry and confused. I then discovered my alter ego Tuxedo Mask. He had appeared every time his beloved Princess Serenity (who had relived as Tsukino Usagi) was in trouble. You all know how I felt about Usagi (my little "dumpling-head") when we first crossed paths. It was a mutual misunderstanding. We both love to hate each other. Until the Mamoru loves Usagitime that our true paths were revealed, that we were destined to be together. And I had loved and protected her ever since. There came a time when I had been captured and brainwashed by Queen Metallia, but Usagi's love had banished all the evil that overcame me. In Sailor Moon R, a dream had come upon me, that if we ended up together, she was going to die. Thus I had kept my distance and put an end to our relationship, only to save her from this terrible fate. In the end, love had conquered all and we returned to each other's arms. The Knight of the Moonlight, one of my alter egos, surfaced because of the need to protect Princess Serenity/Sailor Moon. He disappeared after fulfilling his mission and Tuxedo Mask had taken over the job. Usagi and I married and had a daughter Chibiusa, who would become Sailor Chibi Moon. We then ruled Crystal Tokyo together. Of course the troubles never cease, but together with the Sailor senshis we protect the world with all that we've got. Whether it be the Dark Moon Circus or Galaxia and her forces. As always, good triumphs in the end and justice is served.    

The Elephant Tackles Tuxedo Mask...PRINCE CHARMING IN A TUX!    

Tall and classically handsome, this hero in a fancy tux outfit immediately caught our attention! With the thick black hair , the gentle baby blues and the "smile that launched a thousand youmas."" He's a headturner, no doubt about it. The only problem with Mamo-chan is that he's not very romantic. Especially in the first season where he is such a cold fish *_*. Though one could attribute it to his recurrent nightmares and identity crisis. Plus the fact that he's getting tossed over repeatedly on both sides of the fence, no thanks to those villains who perpetually attempt to brainwash him. But gradually he softens up and becomes a much more loving and protecting mate towards Usagi. He was a much sweeter guy during the Silver Millenium so perhaps it is the cruelty of the world that made him a little stiff. He does revert back to his old loving self, thanks to Usagi's unconditional love. Isn't it funny how a number of Sailor Moon villains look a lot like Mamoru? In particular Sapphire, who's a junior version of him. Rubeus too in a minor extent. I wonder if Usagi ever noticed ^_~. The only other thing I don't approve with Mamoru are the clothes he wears! Duh! Especially that green blazer over the black shirt and brown trousers! You think he should dress better for a model @_@. I like his Prince Endymion outfit better...though I don't suppose he could wear that walking through Tokyo now, can he ^_^?  

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