hunky Hiko!
hiko neIt's about time I star in a shrine like this! How often do you find good looks; a great body and a fabulous personality blended in one? There is only one, and that's me Seijuroh Hiko. My pupil Himura had nothing to do with my being here. Though I can't say the same for that chicken-headed baka friend of his. What's his name? Sagara? Whatever. I am also widely known as Hitenmitsurugirya keishousha Dai Juusandaime, Niitsu kakunoshin or Shishou. That's because I come from the school of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu. That means attack of The Flying Dragon. Of course it suits me well, for I am as grand as the dragon itself, don't you agree? I'm 43 years old and my birthday is on October- for those who want to give me presents, you'll know where to find me. I 'm 189-cm tall (6'2"), 87 kg (191 lbs) and my blood type is O. The weapon I wield is called a nihontou and my technique is of course the Hitenmitsurugiryu. I'm a strong, muscular, powerful person- but that's rather obvious, ne? This coat I wear is the symbol of the successor of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu, of which 1 am the thirteenth. Kenshin, my stupid little student doesn't want it…but I suppose it suits me better than it does him. 

Hiko, the magnificentKenshin and I go a long way back, when I saved him from a group of bandits when he was 9. He became my student, the lucky little boy. We parted ways when he was 14 because he refused to learn the last secret strike of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu. I then retreated as a hermit in the country, changing my name to Kakunoshi Nitu and working as a ceramics artist. Surprised? You shouldn't be. I do have many talents you see. Kenshin visited me again after 14 years, wanting to learn the last step of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu for his battle against Shishio. I didn't want to teach him at first, but his friends Misao, Kauru and Yahiko were able to convince me a little. Though I almost got killed teaching it to him- no that doesn't mean he's better than I am! My student asked me to protect the people in Aoiya while he battled Shishio. I didn't really want to, but well, life can get boring so I did. I turned out the last minute and saved them all. Ain't I great? After that, I returned to my quiet life as an artist. One has to stop by and smell the flowers once in a while, ne? I don't know if these two swooning fans of mine (the shrine keepers) would be unselfish enough to share my great images with you. But then I told them they should share. After all, there's more than enough of me for everybody. 

Elephant goes "SWOONING OVER SENSEI!" 

By Baby Elephant 

I first laid eyes on Battusai's sensei in the manga. And boy, was I smitten! Of course at that time I didn't understand Japanese (I read manga using the pictures and just assuming what happened) and I didn't know what a conceited lout he is. But sometimes, especially in a bishounen shrine, looks come before personality. Particularly in this case, well, he's not that BAD. I mean, his biggest flaw would have to be his arrogance, but otherwise, he's okay. He's not only tall, he's enormous! With a bodybuilder body to drool at and a handsome face to match. He's bishounen alright! He's also a skilled swordsman and an artist at that. Quite something, ne? Then I wonder why at 43 he's not married? Think perhaps the women found him too strong (the personality, I mean. In our native tongue, we'd call it "masyadong malakas ang dating.") ^.^ Ha! Either that or he couldn't find a femme perfect enough for him. Ever noticed the Rurouni Kenshin men are mostly single? I wonder… 

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