Okay, here are a couple more beautiful men to look at. Indulge! And try not to drool at the keyboard or kiss the monitor…^_^ By the way, all images are free for the taking! CLICK ON THEIR PICTURES TO GET TO THEIR RESPECTIVE MINI-GALLERIES!!!!

Diamonds are forever...The silver-haired prince of Dark Moon and another hunky Sailor Moon villain! He is Sapphire's older brother. They used to be close but Wise Man had manipulated him so that they drifted apart. He falls madly in love with Usagi and kidnaps her. Heck he even attempted to kiss her and make her his bride! He's so obssessed with Princess Serenity, he didn't even bother to give Esmeraude the time of day (the poor girl). He gets brainwashed and outwitted by Wise Man and gets himself killed, trying to save Usagi. Another babe wasted…oh well. 


Prince Diamond's more sensible younger brother who apparently trusts nobody. His favorite hobby appears to be arguing with Wiseman/Prince Diamond/Esmeraude...depending on who he sees first. His job is to make up the youmas-in-the-crystal for Esmeraude's use. Now this guy REALLY looks a load like Mamoru, only younger. He had sensed Wiseman's treachery and repeatedly warned his brother about it. Sad to say the older blueblood wasn't listening. The conniving Wise Man finds out about this and wounds Sapphire. He falls to earth and is aided by the reformed Dark Moon sisters. Petz, by the way, was his ex. By the time Diamond smartened up to the evil plot and attempts to reconcile with his bro, Wiseman got to Sapphire and made him dust right before his brother's crystal blue eyes. 

Wai! Someone has kidnapped Soujirou!!!!! Where has our eternally-smiling-lightning fast-buttkicking-assassin been taken to? Where else but the main pages where he rightfully belongs ^_^! 

yomiHis name means "many-eared goat." Formerly the right-hand man of Youko Kurama in the Makai, he is now the King of Gandara. In the days of being a bandit, he once led a raid without Kurama's knowledge causing the loss of many lives, almost including his own. Only Kurama's intervention prevented it from happening. Yomi was then blinded by an unknown assailant (later to be discovered as one ordered by Youko Kurama). After parting ways, Yomi became an even more powerful youko and rose to the level of king. He joined the Makai Tournament and defeated Yusuke. However, due to exhaustion he lost to Enki. Yomi has a son named Shura. 


karasuA raven-haired bishounen who appeared during the Black Martial Arts Tournament on the side of the Toguro Team. His name means "crow." Very fitting, ne? His powers involve making small bombs with minds of their own. He fought against Kurama in the tournament and gave the red-haired bishounen his first loss (well, it was a countout loss actually *_*). Just when everyone else thought he was a dead goner, he reappears even more bishounen than when he first appeared! (I'm such a sucker for blondes…of any shade ^_~). So anyhow, while every other youko thought he was forever gone, he reappears in a different appearance and sends a gazillion bombs that cripple Kurama. The lady host thought Kurama was dying and started the count. Kura-chan , with all his might sent a Makai plant that totally made short work of Karasu. Unfortunately, Kurama was counted out because during his attack, he did not stand up. So although he had killed Karasu, the latter was declared the victor. 


Bow down before Prince Ulrich's presenceAnother brown-eyed blonde villain from yet another 70s anime sensation, Daimos. He is a prince of Brahm and the brother of the female protagonist Erika. Like Haineru, he is the leader of the Earth Invasion force. The prince had believed his father had been murdered by earthlings, when in fact it was the traitorous Olban. His sister was kidnapped and forced to marry the Emperor. The prince had disguised as the bishop and escaped with his sister. The rest of course, was left in the hands of Richard (the hero, no less ^_~). The prince was then crowned Emperor to succeed the ousted tyrant. He looks a little like Prince Haineru, except that instead of being devilishly good looking (Haineru with the horns. Devilish. Get it ^_~?) this long-haired bishounen is angelic in beauty. Must be the wings, ha @_@! 


Inugami, the blonde babeYet another blonde babe, Inugami stars in Zenki. He's the original bad guy, contesting with the demon lord Zenki in collecting the seeds of evil as spread by Karma. He is a prince of darkness and is often accompanied by his pet demon dog "Haring Itim" ( That's based on the local dub. That would translate to Black King. We don't know his Japanese name.) There is an implied but not well-defined relationship between him and a pretty high school student Sayaka (one of Chiaki's friends). Inugami isn't as evil as he seems. Towards the end of the show, he gets berated by Kagetora and is cited for his failure in obtaining all the seeds of Karma. They took his dog away and treated him like an outcast. His past is then revealed to him. His mother was a nun who apparently gave birth to him through an "immaculate conception." She was shown walking in the snow and crossing "the area between earth and the underworld." Then out of nowhere, a baby pops out from her and is taken away by a certain group of hooded individuals. Inugami possesses a necklace similar to his mother's that would identify him as her son. When Kagetora eliminates his mom, Inugami swallows the seed of Karma and transforms into a powerful being. Zenki and him meet in a showdown in the blizzard, which would lead you to think he gets killed. Turns out not, and he reappears a couple of episodes later to help Zenki against the evil force (duh, dunno the name, sorry *_*) that threatened to destroy the world. There isn't any word about what happened to him afterwards. But he did live and denounced any connections to his previous position as prince of the dark world.  


Contrary to circulating rumors, Kurenai did not threaten to roast so we would take away Kurei-sama's pics to keep him away from oggling, drooling fangirls. He has been elevated to the level his hunky evilness rightfully belongs to. And that's over here. 

brad crawford..grrrrThe Elephant and The Raptor were banging heads one day on who to add to the animen list. We approached it series by series and when we got to WK, the Raptor said, "So who do you think would we add to the list? Do you like Schuldich?" To which the Elephant replied, "He's cute, but I like Crawford better." "So do I." said the Raptor and so here he is ! Brad Crawford, leader of the SS II, archrival of the Knight Hunters. SS II is an international organization made of four men from different contries, and this clean cut stud is their leader. A 27 year old American who is Reiji Takatori's first-hand man. Often comes face to face with Aya. His powers include speed and reading his opponent's mind so he can dodge the adversary's moves. Pretty dangerous, ne? Kinda like Battusai in a way. He's intelligent, scheming, and more ambitious than his boss Takatori. Of course he's also slick, cool and handsome in a devilish way. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing (literally!). I have to see more of WK to find out about his character. Til then, on to the next bishounen!  

another red haired babeAnother Weiss villain and a member of SSII. A red-haired bishounen, German at that. Twenty-two years old and it's not known if Schuldich is his real name. Formerly a spy, now one of Reiji Takatori's bodyguards. Had a big role in the foiling of the Ouka-Omi romance when he told Ouka that Omi is a Knight Hunter, and when he told Omi that Ouka is his sister. Loves to taunt Omi (obviously) and beat him to a pulp later on under orders from Omi's bro (forgot the name). Is also gifted with speed. Scheming, loves to laugh, usually seen with Farfarello. Often runs head on wtih Yoji. Gets beaten with a golf club by Takatori (HOW DARE YOU HIT SHULDICH ON HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE! *the Raptor screams at Reiji Takatori*) when Ouka gets killed in a run-in with the Knight Hunters (Farfarello was actually the one who shot and killed her). Gets more screentime than the rest of SS II, and is probabaly second to popularity to Nagi.  

enishi-kunOne of the post-anime RK villains, and a black mark in Kenshin's checkered past. He is the younger brother of Tomoe, Kenshin's first wife. As a child he worked for a spy. He was traumatized when he saw his only sister Tomoe get killed (albeit accidentally) by Battusai. Has promised revenge on him since. Grew up to have white hair (he used to have black) possibly due to the shock of his sister's death. Returns to Kyoto to get revenge on Kenshin. Plots the "death of Kaoru" when he actually kidnaps her, sending Kenshin into a psychological turmoil. Is a little bit on the psychotic side. Is frequently haunted by visions of his deceased sister. Never liked Battusai from the beginning (he bit Kenshin's hand twice when they first met). Also connected in a strange way to Shishio, as he was the one who finaced shishio's warship during Kyoto Hen. Has an assassin group similar to the Jupon Gattana, made up of people who all want revenge on the man formerly known as Battusai. Most of them former students of the men Kenshin had killed in the past. More deranged, more dangerous and more powerful (in terms of connections) than Shishio.   

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