The Bakuretsu Hunters images and info are courtesy of Carrot's Love ShackVuncent comes from  Dark Masquerade 

aking akiAki (Ayashi no Ceres)  
Ah yes, why we never noted his sooner? The white haired babe (blonde in the anime) from Ayashi no Ceres.Aki, in his reincarnated form is Aya's twin brother. In his past life, he was the one who stole Ceres' robe. What else do we know about Aki-chan other than he's drop dead goregeous? Errr...none *_*. Anyone care to contribute? 
fine irvineIrvine Kinneas (Final Fantasy VIII)  
Another FFVIII stud, he appears about halfway through the game. Seventeen years old and towers at six feet. He's the best sharpshooter in Galbadia Garden, where he is found by Squall and associates. One site I've been to says he loves women. Which is probably why he joins Rinoa and Selphie when the group divides in two. He enjoys flirting with Selphie whom he's been said to have a crush on since he was a kid. Not that they don' throw themselves at his feet...they do ^^ (can we blame them?) in attemtpt to make Squall jealous. He wields a kickass gun and he's assigned to get rid of Sorceress Edea.
vincent the magnificent
marron!!!!!!!!!!!Marron Glaces (Bakuretsu Hunters)  
The most beautiful member of the Sorcerer Hunters, and seemingly the most powerful too. He's 16 years old and the younger brother of Carrot Glaces.His God is Yaksha, the God of Righteousness and his powers are defensive magic. He uses paper scrolls called "ofuda" for his weapons which called Eastern Magic. His powers are fire-based. The sterotype of classic bishounen...tall, cool, calm, polite and droolingly beautiful...takes his bisshie features from his mumsy Apricot. Is the exact opposite of older brother, the girl-crazy Carrot. Loves him nonetheless, and his cold exterior goes into overload if you hurt his sibling. Since he does not share his bro's love of the opposite sex, (even if he does, he apparently doesn't show it), his teammates think of him as a closet queen. And whilst he does not comment on this, Mocha Gateau loves teasing him, by posing and flexing his muscular biceps and triceps in front of this particular bishounen. 
carrot says  hi! Carrot Glaces (Bakuretsu Hunters)  
The older of the Glaces brothers. Son of Onion and Apricot Glaces. His god is the God of Destruction. Has a sword which he doesn't use too often. Possesses special powers that enable him to absorb magic and transform it into Zoanthropy, a large beast that annihilates everything in its path. He doesn't revert to normal immediately and needs the help of Tira and Chocolate to get him back to his old hentai self. Seventeen years old and jumping with hormones. Spends most of his time running after pretty ladies. Apparently doesn't return the affections of Tira Misu and Chocolate Misu who'd love to go at it with him ^_^ since he seems to "enjoy the pursuit more than the conquest"  

mocha gataeuMocha Gateau (Bakuretsu Hunters) 
As every anime team demands a powerhouse, he is the muscle of the Bakuretsu Hunters. His god is Kahlmun, Guardian of the North. His power...err...sheer muscle I suppose. Talks using his fists, handling what the whipping of his teammates couldn't put down. Has a sister named Eclaire. Hates sorcerers (which is probably why he joined the team as a new member) since they killed his former partner Opera. Likes (?) Marron in more ways than one. ^.^. Likes to tease and pose in front of the bishounen sorcerer hunter. Does not know the meaning of the word "shy."  

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