ADORABLE AOSHI-SAMA I have no idea what I am doing in this shrine. Although I would acknowledge the fact that I am bishounen, I don't think it's honorable to display one's face for viewing in this manner. I am not a piece of meat to drool at! I wouldn't agree to this if it weren't for Misao and Battusai persistently bugging me about it. Alright! Just to be done with it…my name is Shinomori Aoshi from Rurouni Kenshin by Watsuki Nobuhiro. Shinomori means "four from forest" and Aoshi means "blue and purple." They call me Moto Oniwanbanshuu Okashira (Leader of the Oniwabanshu Ninjas/spies). I'm 26 years old and was born on January 1853. No, I won't tell you what day. I stand 182 cm (5'11 1/2) and weigh 72 kg (154 lbs). My blood type is A. Why do you have to know all that anyway? I come from the school of Oniwabanshuu, my technique is Kodachinitouryuu (double kodachi style), and my favorite weapon is the kodachi (the short sword I use in double with the longer one). What else do you want to know? I lived and grew up among the Oniwanbanshuu (that's the Oni Gang you always hear about in the English dub). I succeeded as leader at the age of 15. Oniwanbanshuu is the only way of life I know and the only thing I greatly care about. I'll risk my own life just to prove that we are the greatest fighting force that ever walked this planet. During the Bakamatsu No Douran, we were protecting the Bakufu castle at Edo. Unfortunately, there wasn't much fighting to do since the battle ended before the Ishinshishi forces got to the castle we were protecting. After that, most of the members of Oniwanbanshuu left to start new lives in the Meiji Era. All except for Hyokotto, Beshimi, Hanya and Shikijou. Like me, they knew of no other life than fighting so they stayed with me. I was offered many high profile jobs but I turned them all down because of my commitment to the Oniwanbanshuu.      

aoshi comin at youLater on, we were hired as bodyguards by Kanryu (Henry Takada in the English dub). He was a corrupt man, forcing Megumi Takani to make opium for him. When she got into trouble, Battusai Himura came to her rescue. That was when we first came face to face. In the heat of our battle, Kanryu put out his machine gun and attempted to kill us. The four other members of Oniwabanshuu died trying to protect me. I promised on their graves that I was going to defeat Battusai for the title of the mightiest warrior. Then I got into that mess with Shishio Makoto. Not that I trusted him. At that time I was so filled with anger and hatred for Battusai, hell bent on revenge. The final battle took place at Shishio's stronghold, which, unfortunately I lost. That was the past, of course, and my soul is a little more at peace these days. I spend my days meditating at the temple, searching for that elusive thing called inner peace. However, that does not make me any less lethal or less effective as before. You ask me who Misao is? She's the granddaughter of our former Oniwabanshuu leader. When he passed away, she was left in my care. I served as a second father to her for a while. At the age of 9, I left her in Okina's care because we couldn't bring her along with our journey. She's like a daughter to me. She's the new Okashira of Oniwabanshuu. I'd describe myself as calm, cold, calculating and expressionless. Battusai told me I was pokerfaced, so he had difficulty calculating my moves. Isn't that right Battusai? Am I done now? I hope that satisfies you two. I'm never going to let you two talk me into doing this again, you hear? And don't smile at me like that! I have more important things to do than this…what? You're putting my images in a gallery? Misao! You stop this nonsense at once!     


Yes, I ripped that off from Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWF)! Shinomori Aoshi, one of the early villains of Rurouni Kenshin is as bishounen as he can get ^_^! Little Raptor was the first one to lay eyes on him (I didn't see that episode b'coz I was on hospital duty). At first, we thought he was Megumi's guy, turns out, he's single (Wai! The most important trait of a bishounen)! In the manga, his hair was originally swept off his face (with pomade, I guess ^_^). In our country, we'd call that 'do "cow-licked." Good thing Watsuki-sama changed it! Black hair, blue-green-gray eyes (depending on his mood swings, I suppose), tall, lean and that air of coolness! Yes, yes, yes! He's got the personality, seemingly, of an iceberg. Authoritative, he is. But inside that cool exterior is a warm, passionate being that feels for his Oniwabanshuu. He's a dedicated man, too dedicated sometimes, for his own good. If it weren't for the anime pairing of Sanosuke and Megumi, I'd say Aoshi-sama would look great with Megumi! So it says that he and Megumi were getting pretty close in the manga as time went by. Don't you think? He's too old for Misao, and besides, she looks at him as a father figure…and it wouldn't do good for incest, would it? 

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