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burn burn burn
lekka shinen!What are *you* looking at? I resent being oggled and drooled at so beat it! *Taps foot impatiently* Well? What are you waiting for? New Year's Eve? (Realizes his devoted fans aren't about to be shunned by his *lovable* demeanor). *Pouts* alright, alright. I'll tell you about myself...but no swooning! No...(speaks in a high pitch girly voice) Oooh...he's so kawaiiii...Those kind of remarks are for guys like  Hotohori-sama and Nuriko (Oops...my mistake there, Nuriko. I forgot you were a girlie...*snickers*). Nuriko: *thwacks Genrou* Itaaaaiii! I'll get you for that when I *grrr*...    

here's lookin at youI am Tasuki from Fushigi Yuugi by Yuu Watase...but I guess you know that already. Tasuki is my seishi name. I was born Kou Shun'u in Konan-koku; Kou-shuu, Taito-shi, at the base of Leikaku. My birthday is on April 18, and I am an Aries. I stand 178 cm (5'10"). My blood type is B. I'm the only boy, unfortunately, in a brood of six. I'm the youngest too. (*Curses his luck*). I have 5 older sisters;Aidou, Mai, Li'An, Jiang and Pa'Liu. I have a father who isn't home all the time and a mother who loves dominating Gen-chan. Aidou onee-chan is the oldest and the only one left unmarried. You can call me Genrou, by the way. That and a lot of other nicknames: Gen-chan, Fang Boy, Tamahome: Carrot top, you're forgeting Carrot Top. You'll fry for that you annoying...  

you keep me to burningI am the fifth of the Suzaku seishi to be found. That would be episode 14 of the anime/volume 4 chapter 20 in the manga "Wolves In The Stronghold." I was in Mt. Reikaku/Leikaku/Leikaka (%^&$, how do you spell that thing anyway?). Genki, I mean that sorry $%#@#& excuse for a human being Enki, thought he could overthrow me by stealing my beloved tessen (that sugoi iron-ribbed fan I always carry around). Ha! Just shows what little gray matter he has. Tamahome: You *do* remember who saved your butt from the bandits, ne Genrou? Tasuki: And may I $%^#&! remind you that was just one of the illusions from my scrolls? I didn't want to help them at first but hey *sigh* what can a seishi do against his fate, ne? Tamahome: Ha! The only reason you wanted to help was because you wanted a pass at my Mi-chan. That's it...Lekkkaaa Shineeen!!! (Laughs like a lunatic at a roasted Tamahome) That'll tell you to shut up when I'm talking. Anyhow, I had thought back then that Miaka was Enki's wife and I kidnapped her, using my seishi power of speed. Of course I realized later on she wasn't. I hence became a member of the Suzaku  seishis after that fiasco with Mitsukake. And I've been loyal and faithful after that.  

tasuki's symbolMy seishi symbol or "yoku" meaning "tsubasa" or "wings", located on my right forearm. My constellation is "crater". My seishi power is speed, but I rarely use it. I more often use my tessen which throws out flames everytime I chant "Lekka Shineeen!" (*burns Tamahome a second time*). Gomen ne, Tama-chan...I didn't know you were there *snickers*. Tamahome (snarls). Now, now, Tama-chan..patience, patience, nya ha ha. This used to belong to a demon. Nuriko: It still does. *_* It was passed on to me by our former leader. It can be used for many purposes, such as flame attacks, holy barriers, backing up attacks of my fellow seishi and heating cold dinners ^_^. I also have ofuda scrolls, given to me by a Taoist monk. If I write on it, whatever I want will come out of it. Miaka: Uuuhmm, yummy. Can I have a few of your ofuda scrolls Gen-chan? Neee!!! You're going to turn them into ^%$#*@ food again!!! That's how I got my nickname Wolf Phantasm/Genrou, since wolves come out of the scrolls after I write on them.  

tasuki vs tamahomeMy special skills include judo, boxing, drinking sake and kicking Tama-chan's butt around (Tamahome: Maybe they should replay that episode where we first faced off in Kotou and see who kicked who). Tama-chan here is my best buddy ne? We love arguing and killing each other. We have the same fighting skills ^_^. Ooo...and I forgot, swearing like a marine is one of my favorite hobbies too, ne? What I can't #$%@^ stand is milk, large bodies of water (Tamahome: And would you like to tell your wonderful fans why? *whispers* He can't swim!!!) and women.          

dont ya just love me?
Nuriko: Which is why he adores me. 
Tasuki: %$#@%!!!! 

the best duo aroundI can't %^&$@# stand women. You would too if you had to be stuck in a friggin' household of six domineering females!!! Which is why I ran away from home when I was 15. I was found (beaten) by Koji and he took me in as a Mt. Reikaku/Leikaka bandit. I've been staying there ever since. Koji, two years older than I am, is my best friend (the real one),drinking partner and (Tamahome: Lover, for all yaoi enthusiasts out there) *hits Tamahome with the tessen*...dance partner. Ha! You should see us do the famous Mt. Leikaka dance *starts demonstrating.* I left Kouji in charge of Mt. Reikaku when I left to help the Suzaku shichiseishi. Hakoru-sama is my idol...he was our old leader, and the one who gave me my nickname of Genrou.   

you take my breath awayMy hair is flame-red, my eyes are amber and I have the most sugoi teeth...fangs no less! Watase-sama says they're crooked teeth, but hey, it makes them all the more cool ^^. I have a short temper, but if you take a good look, I am the most sensitive seishi...and I have a good heart. Chiriko thinks I'm the coolest guy he's ever met. Tamahome: Yeah, right. You just don't know when to keep quiet, do you? Okay...Genrou thinks everything here is enough. Now go see my gallery (the biggest, ha!). I'll be spoiling you too much if I say anymore, ne? Tamahome: How about what happened in the 2nd OAV when...  

Lekkaaaa Shineeeeen!!!!

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