zechs-yGood day to you, Bishounen lover. I see you have come to visit me, Zechs Marquise. I come from the anime/manga series Gundam Wing. Zechs Marquise is my code name. I was born of royal blood, christened with the name Milliard Peacecraft, the first born of the Sanq/Cinq (depending on whose translation you're listening to) Kingdom's royal family of Northern Europe. I'm 19 years of age, with blonde hair and blue eyes. I stand 187 cm, weigh 76 kg (168 lbs). Relena is my sister. (Yes, yes, I know you aren't too fond of my sibling, but such is the fate of an anime character). She is the last of my relatives and I have left her sovereignity over our Kingdom, as my hands were too stained with blood to carry on the pacifist traditions. I have no news of my father, the King, and I know not of his status.  

I am known by many identities, such as  Gundam Tallgeese 3,  pilot MS Tallgeese and Ambassador of the Sanq Kingdom.  

Me and my meccaMy Kingdom was a peaceful one, until it was attacked by federation troops and it fell. It was at this time that I have decided to avenge its loss by becoming part of the secret society OZ. I serve as Captain of the Specials, commanding its troops and serving as pilot of the Gundam Virgo and other mobile suits, such as Tallgeese 1. I'm a very capable and talented pilot and my subordinates trust me. Trieze Khusheranada, the Romafeller heir, is a close frined of mine. We had collaborated on destroying the Federation. I do this, not for me, but for my fallen kingdom. Unfrotunately we had a falling out, and became mortal enemies. I then became leader of White Fang, a group of rebels representing the Colonial Stars. Our mission is to destroy Earth and it's forces in the name of peace. We fought Treize Kushrenada and his fleet representing the Earth forces. 

zechs isnt in the moodI wear a half silver mask to conceal my true identity and with it, my unhappy past. I have vowed revenge for my Kingdom and I shall get it. It is my one true intention. I am not merely some villain who wants to defeat your beloved heroes. I am a man of honor. Honest. Upright. I battle fairly, win fairly. I don't enjoy fighting anyone of a lesser degree. I believe that a revolution is necessary for the fallen Federation. War is a dirty thing. To make that understood, I think that meaning is in everyone's action of their thoughts.  

~~~Images and Info Courtesy of A Shrine to Zechs Marquise~~~
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