you are now under Youko's spell...
half-human, half-fox, 100% adorableGood day! This is youko kurama of yoshihiro togashi's work, Yu yu hakusho. You might wonder why my file is separate from that of minamino shuiichi, when we are one and the same person. It's because we are two distinct personalities in one body. As youko kurama, youko means demon fox while kurama means storehouse/horse. I was born in makai (the spirit world). I lost track of how old I really am, but it counts by century ^_^ (some sites say 300, others say 500, and others claim I'm a thousand!). I stand above six feet, with silvery white hair and golden eyes. I am half-fox, half-human and I have five tails. By youko classification, I am class a. I am faster and more powerful in this form that that of my human form, and I have no use for my rose whip. I still, however, use makai plants as weapons. In makai, I was a master thief with my own group of bandits. I was cold, cunning, clever and calculating then. One time, while I was being hunted down, I was shot and seriously injured. I then turned into a spirit and escaped to ningenkai where I possessed the body of an unborn child in the womb of shiori minamino. I was born as minamino shuiichi and became her son. I was supposed to stay there for only 10 years to heal properly, but I was still there after 15. I could not bear leaving my mother after the kindness she had shown me. I had reverted back to my youko form in the Ankoku bujutsukai. Uraurashima threw a curse upon me that was supposed to change me to an infant. Instead my youko form reemerged. The human form returned after the tournament. When we were fighting sensui, my youko form returned without my knowing. Yusuke had died that time and I guess I was feeling rather vengeful. 

drool drool drool drool droolOn the death of king raizen, I was invited…uhm, coerced by yomi to join him in the quest for supremacy in the makai. He was formerly my right hand man in our bandit group. One time he had led a raid without telling me, causing a lot of our men to die. He almost got himself killed as well until I saved him. I had an assassin blind him on the next raid. We parted ways after. He then became a more powerful being, rising to become king of gandara. He found out I had sent the assassin to blind him. in turn, he blackmailed me into joining his quest by threatening my mother. He went on to defeat yusuke at the semi-finals of the makai tournament. He lost the finals though, probably due to exhaustion. I didn't go back to youko after that, and stayed in ningenkai instead, helping out my mother's second husband in the business. 

As youko, I had an ally and friend, koronue (raven/black chimaera/nightbird). We had gone to steal treasures from reikai, and when his pendant fell, he tried retrieving it. He fell into a hole with sharp bamboo sticks and died. He was a good friend and I mourn for his loss. He was introduced in the second ova of yu yu hakusho. 

Would you like to see my youko images? They're just one click away, at the button below. If you'd like to know more about my life as minamino shuiichi, then hit it over there. Until then! 

Baby elephant bellows:  foxy! Foxy! Foxy!  

One can't help but swoon every time minamino shuiichi transforms into this mega-bishounen form! Not that shuiichi is lacking-heck no! he just makes you drool some more ^_^. What a tease, ne ^_^? When we saw him step out of the smoke uraurashima made, we went like "holy cow!" (or holy fox, whatever ^_^). He just makes your heart go faster and your neurons go berserk. Not because you're scared to death, but because you're just about to faint. He's just sooo beautiful…no wonder youmas can't get to him. they're probably insecured by his looks! Gorgeous is an understatement! Now go on and see his gallery before I lose consciousness here and you'd have to pick me up (not easy for an elephant, ne?)