I think I'm cute...I know I'm sexyHello ladies! I see you've come to visit the best-looking specimen of mankind in this shrine. (*ducks to avoid the other angry bishounen*). Why, me of course. Who do you think I'm talking about? Orange turtleneck Aya? I know, these webmistresses are too shy to make this a full-fledged Yoji shrine, either that or they were threatened by these other, eherm, men to make pages for them too. Anyhow, Kudou Yoji is my full name. Sometimes it is spelled Yohji, Youji, whatever. As long as you pronounce it right. I'm one of the Knight Hunters of Weiß Kreuz, and my code name is Balinese. I'm 23 and my birthday (listen up) is on March 3. I am of royal blood, AB that is. I like women, period. And I don't like men, so quit pairing me up with Aya already! I stand 182 cm. My symbol flower (the one can't find in the supermarket!) is Cattleya. it blooms only once a year, as rare and unique as the individual who symbolizes it. 
I used to be a detective prior to joining the Knight Hunters. I did it, for one, to avenge the death of my lovely partner Asuka. Although I have my doubts on whether that was her I saw as one of the bodyguards of Masafumi Takatori. She was always the ambitious one, never content on being a plain ol detective. there's a tragic story, of my partner and i. When we were on a getaway from a prostitution den, i got shot. I was bleeding in an alley and i told her to get away before those goons chasing us get closer. Well, she did run, only in the opposite direction and all I can do is watch helplessly as she got riddled by bullets. Now that was sad. Which is why I want to protect women from abusive men.  The weapon I use is the wire of death (Harigane). It pops out of this specially made watch I use. Very handy and practical, if I do say so myself. I don't have to arm myself with a ridiculous cacophony of weapons to defend myself or do my job as a Knight Hunter. Hmmm...what else is there to know about me? I like short midriff shirts, tying my golden locks in a ponytail, smoking cigarettes and wearing cool sunglasses. As one of the webmistresses say, "Nobody carries sunglasses as sexy as Youji does (*sigh*)." Now before you go down your knees in front of the monitor, go check out the gallery they've got of me. Just make sure you bring some towels with you to wipe the sweat off. Oh, and don't forget to pay my other Knight Hunter friends a visit. Especially Aya. That guy needs to smile more often. Ciao!  

by Baby Elephant  
Admittedly, I wasn't a big Yoji-kun fan in the early Weiß Kreuz days. I thought he was an arrogant nobody. He wouldn't hold a candle next to my man Ken (^_~). Of course that was the distant past. This sexy stud puppy kinda grew on me, especially the day I got this silly fanfic idea about him. No, it's not YAOI...or anything close to it. And I'm the one who thinks he carries those sunglasses like no other ^_^! He is soooo...he takes my breath away with those glasses thang. It's almost as cute as the way Ken-chan wears those goggles (Why the big deal about those goggles anyway? I love those big goggles *_*! He looks like an aviation pilot). Back to Yo-tan (Uhhhh..what does that mean by the way?), he's cool, he's hot, and he' a Weiss Boy (which is enough if you ask me). See his galleria before that wire of death gets to ya!  

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