the beautfiul king of fanelia
all hail king vanHello everyone. I'm glad you could come by and pay me a visit. I didn't expect to be here, since most of the girls, including Hitomi-san swoon over, uhm, Allen Schezar. But I guess I have a little something of my own to have been chosen to be here ^_^. My name is Van Slanzar de Fanel, from the anime/manga series Vision of Escaflowne/Tenkuu no Escaflowne. I am the crowned King of Fanelia. That's a country in the planet of Gaea. My birthday falls on the Moon of White 12 (That's April 12 for Mystic Moon dwellers). I am 15 years of age, stand 165 cm (5'4"), and weigh about 51 kg (112 lbs). My hair is black, my eyes are reddish-brown/amber. 

I hear you wish to know my story? Very well then... 

I was a small boy when my parents, the King and Queen of Fanelia passed away. I had an older brother, Folken who took care of me and whom I was very fond of. He was the original heir to the throne. Prior to his crowning, he had gone on to a ritual dragon hunt, but had never returned, and he was presumed dead. I was 5 years old then, and the responsibility of the Fanelian Kingdom was left in my innocent hands. 

van of faneliaI was on my 15th year when I had gone on to my ritual dragon hunt, from which I had been transported to the Mystic Moon (Phantom Moon) , that place which you call Earth, by a Mysterious column of Light. This sent me face to face with Kanzaki Hitomi-san, a high school girl with the incredible talent of clairvoyance. She saves me from the dragon, and we are transported back to Fanelia where I was to be crowned King. The crown had barely laid atop my head when we were attacked by the invisible guymelefs of the Zaibach Empire, led by the group of Dragon Slayers and headed by a silver-haired pyromaniac, Dilandau Albatou. They burned Fanelia to the ground before I can do anything of worth. The column of light appears once more... 

I was given the task of piloting Escaflowne, the legendary guymelef and protector of Fanelia. Only the King of Fanelia has the ability to do this. As time progresses, I bond to my guymelef. Escflowne becomes more powerful once it has bonded with its pilot, however, any damage done to it reflects on the pilot as well. Thus explains the injuries I sustain as I become one with Escaflowne. 

van with wingsMy wings, you ask? I've inherited this from my mother, who is a Draconian (Ryuujinbito), winged people who were the original descendants of Atlantis. For some reason, we are feared and stigmatized by the people of Gaea. 

I have a serious personality, a little too solemn for persons my age. But when you have a whole country to rebuild and the fate of a planet on your shoulders, you can't blame me now, can you? I love my country, my people. I would risk my life for my beloved Fanelia. Death is more of an option than running with your tail between your legs (or better, with your wings clipped). Duty comes before everything else. 

I have gone through many struggles in this war against the Zaibach Empire. One of which includes having to face my own brother, Lord Folken who stands behind the enemy lines. His mysterious disappearance 10 years ago was because of this. He had been brainwashed by Emperor Dornkirk. He has tried to lure me into the helm of the enemy, but I stand firm in my decision to defend Gaea from this madman. And if it meant battling my own flesh and blood, then so be it. 

burn burn burnDilandau Albatou and his troop of Dragon Slayers is another. That lunatic had tried many times to rid the world of me and capture Escaflowne. But all his attempts were foiled, thanks, in no small part to the girl from the Mystic moon, Hitomi-san, to whom I have owed a great deal. Her and her amazing visions. I had rid the world of The Dragon Slayers, more on defense than offense. Except for Dilandau. He's in bad shape, last I recall, crazier than ever. 

I live simply. I'm not a red-carpet type of guy. I like my clothes, thank you. I don't think there's too much sense in fighting in a brocaded robe. I'm content with having my sword and Escaflowne with me. Merle, of course, is a good companion. She's rather protective of me, risking her life for me at one time or another. And I appreciate her devotion. She's one of the few links I have left from Fanelia.   

van and hitomiHitomi-san? Errr...*blushes* a very nice person to be with. She's my...friend. I owe her my life. She saved me more times than I can recall, thanks to her extrasensory perception. Her power is something special and extraordinary. I enjoy being with her, and her companionship is...something I cherish. I want her to be with me my side. But then, she's attracted to Allen. I can't deny that. It's plain for the world to see, isn't it? I just wish she feels for me, the way I do...what I mean is, that she enjoys my company too...even if only a little. 

I have much to learn, and I am willing. There's so much at stake, and there's a lot to risk. I just hope I can fulfill my duties, follow it is whatever destiny holds for me. And someday soon, I hope I can rebuild what is left of my country. Maybe then, everyone else will have a happy ending, right Hitomi-san? Errr.....uhm, you know what I mean....don't you? 

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