Ah! Tokiya-sama!!!
uhmm....Hmmmph...what the heck am I doing in a shrine like this? Of course I'm bishounen. That's pretty obvious to everyone. I just don't like being oggled and examined like a chunk of merchandise! Maybe insecure guys who aren't confident about their looks should self-indulge, like that gorilla Domon, but then who'd put him in a bishounen shrine? That would mean the end of the world! Alright, just to get out of here, I'm starting. I come from Flame of Recca by Anzai Nobuyuki. Personally I think they should've renamed that show Ensui of Tokiya. I'm obviously more suited to take the helm of leader of the Hokage Ninjas. My name is Tokiya Mikagami. Mikagami means water mirror. I am 17 years old, and I go to the same school as Recca. I am a year older and a level higher. I am the most intelligent and most handsome student  in my class. My birthday is on November 13 and my blood type is A.   

You know who this is?My known family is my sister Nefumi. She died when I was ten years old, trying to defend me and our family heirloom, the ensui. Since then I have lived to track down her killers and avenge her death. I have then used the ensui and trained under the tutelage of Meguri Kyoza for this purpose. He taught me the technique of the Kyomon Hen, and I was it's heir apparent. I have become the master of the ensui.   

sorry, hindi ko na uulitin, promiseI first encountered Recca as he was battling Fuuko in the school grounds. Yeah, real typical of Recca to fight a girl! I thought he had something to do with the people who killed my sister. This idea was further given fuel by the manipulation of Kage Houshi. I challenged Recca to a duel, and well...he was just lucky on both accounts That's never going to happen again! Hmph. I told Recca he better do a good job of protecting Yanagi, or else he'll have to answer to me! Yanagi bears an uncanny resemblance to my late sister, and I make it a priority to protect her from the same fate. Especially since Recca isn't the best man for this job. 

I became a member of the Hokage Ninja Team out of necessity. The team of Recca, Domon and Fuuko wasn't able to stop Mokouren and Kaoru from abducting Yanagi so I had to come in and help them. Kaoru and I went head on battle, and I must say that for a 13-year old brat, he's pretty good. I respect his abilities in handling his madougu, the Kougan Anki. Kurei, is another story. I was already tired from battling Kaoru so that so-called match wasn't on equal footing. 

mamatay ka sa kagwapuhan koThen there's the Urabutousatsoujin. There, Mori Kouran made us stake Yanagi for the battle. In the opening round, I faced Daikoku of the Kuu Team, and made short work of his whirling stick. Then from the Uruha Maboroshi, I faced Mokouren. Using the freezing technique of Absolute Zero, I froze all his branches and liberated Kaoru from his entrapment inside that wooden prison (You owe me one there, brat!). I withdrew from facing Menoura, becasue it isn't my principle to go against girls. Then from Uruha Oto, Recca and I teamed against the sister duo of Miki and Neon. We had a difficult time at first because Recca was so uncooperative (Recca: Says who? You're the stubborn one!). Domon sort of gave a wake-up call (You didn't have to smack me, you big gorilla!) because if we lost the battle, we'd lose Yanagi as well. I used the Tsurara Mai to destroy the madougu of Neon, and I would've destroyed her too if Recca didn't save her with his dragon Madoka. I didn't face anyone from the Uruha Ma. And in the final bout, I came face to face with Kai of the Uruha Kuranei. Kai was my fellow student at Meguri Kyoza. What I didn't know was that Meguri Kyoza  trained Kai to kill me (That's in the manga. In the anime, it was the other way around).  In the anime, Kai was the original heir to the Kyomon Hen, but when Meguri-sensei discovered I had potential (What can I say? He has an eye for talent!), he made me the heir. And this made Kai determined to battle me, to see if I was indeed worthy of such a title. 
ipagtatanggol kita sa ngalan ng pag-ibig at katarunganDuring our battle, I was about to finish him off, when I realized he wasn't the one who murdered my sister. At the last moment I evaded him. It was at this point that he expressed his admiration for me, that I indeed deserved the title of Master of the Kyomon Hen. He then confessed that it was Meguri-sensei who had my sister murdered. My sensei had seen me with my sister at the park, saw my potential and thought that if I had been angry enough, it would bring out the best in me. Well, he was right about that I guess. I was hellbent on getting at my sister's murderers. There's no sense in that now, of course. Meguri-sensei is dead, and Kai, well, he committed suicide after our bout. As for me, I went on with my life. We won the Urabutousatsoujin...face it, Recca, if Kurei didn't run out on you, you'd lost it! (Recca: Who asked you? I won that match fair and square!) Yeah, right. So, even if I didn't exactly concede to the idea, these webmistresses put up an image gallery for me. You want to see it? Go ahead, I don't care. Just don't go screaming "Ooohh, he's soooo kawaiiii!" Pleease...spare me the details.

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