don't you just love Tama-chan?
ain't he the cutest?Am I getting paid for this? No? Why not? A handsome stud like me should charge an emperor's ransom to have myself worshipped on a shrine like this! (Tasuki: Get real, Taka. I wouldn't pay a cup of sake to see your face anywhere.) What did you say? Why I ought to…hmmm. If it weren't for these nice ladies looking I'd clobber you right now. Hello there! I am Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi (The Mysterious Play) by Yuu Watase. That's not my real name though. It's Sou Kishiku. You can call me Obake-chan (little ghost). Tamahome is my seishi name, meaning crab (according to one subtitled episode!). I was born on June 28 in Hakukou village in Konan Country. I'm 17 years old in the anime. I stand 180 cm (5'11"-that's an inch taller than you are Genrou!). My blood type is O and my seishi symbol is ghost/ogre (depending on which subtitle you're watching) on my forehead. My constellation is the crab/cancer. (Tasuki: It suits you, Taka. You do look like a crustacean) Ah, shut up Tasuki! Okay, what else? I'm the oldest son in a family of five. I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters. My father is sickly and my mother died when I was 12. So that makes me the sole breadwinner of my family. So you can see why I'm constantly thinking of ways of making money (tear falls from cheek). It's the only thing I can do. At least I don't steal it like this carrot top, ne, Genrou? (Tasuki: Lekka shinen!)  
yeah, come on quarrel some moreOops, almost got snagged by that one. Gosh Genrou, you're losing your touch! (Tasuki: Shut up, *&@#$%?)My specialty is Martial Arts. And the one other thing I love, other than money, is Yuuki Miaka. Right Mi-chan? Fortunately, the object of my affection loves me too (winks). Lucky me, huh? Sorry guys, I got to her first. Tasuki here, Genrou to the rest of the world, is my BEST FRIEND, ain't that right, carrot top? Yeah, yeah, we love to argue and kick each others butt every now and then, ne? I was the last seishi to drop, but then I got to send that nasty Nakago to the world beyond. Do you want to see pictures of me? That'll be fifty gold coins. Yeah, just drop it in this sack. Line up, ladies so you can see this hunk in all his gorgeous glory, blue hair, green eyes and all! Hey give that back, Tasuki! Hold on, I'm going to give this sorry carrot top what he's asking for. (Runs to chase Tasuki). Enjoy sightseeing! 
TAKE ME HOME, TAMA-CHAN! by Baby Elephant 

in truth and in fact, the actual meaning of Tamahome is Take-me-home! And this is one bishounen I'd definitely slid in a sack to bring home to Mom! Before I fell head over heels over Tasuki, I was drop dead over Tama-chan ^_^. He had me lovestruck! I watched the first episode of Fushigi Yuugi, and after 15 minutes, I wanted to marry him! Move over Miaka! Am I right in saying he's the most popular FY character? Those eyes...that hair...I read this note by Watase-sama that she recieved a load of protests when she cut Tama-chan's hair in one episode. I love him even if he had no hair! He's the most beautiful thing....I was in love with him for four months before I fell for Gen-chan. The only about Tama-chan I don't like is his being too nice and being a pushover sometimes. But other than that, I'll take him for all he's worth...fifty gold coins notwithstanding!