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Soujirou Seta at your service, Ma'am....Hello! This is Soujirou Seta from Rurouni Kenshin (Meiji Kenkaku Romantan) by Nobuhiko Watsuki. I'm 18 years old, believe it or not ^_^...yeah they do say I look much younger than I am. My birthday is on September and I am Virgo. I was born in the Kanagawa Prefecture. I stand 163 cm (5'4") weigh 51 kg (112 lbs). My blood type is AB. The weapon I wield is called Nihontou (Japanese sword). My skills include Tenken (Heaven's Sword), Shukuchi (Reduced Earth) and Shun Ten Satsu (instant Heaven Kill). You probably all know me as the assassin who finished off prime minister Toshimichi Okubo (manga volume 7 and anime episode 31). I am the strongest of the Ju Pon Gatana (The Ten Swords of Japan) and is the right hand man of Shishio-sama. Hoji is the left hand. 
You Make Me Smile ^_^You must notice that I smile a lot. it's actually a trademark. The one perpetually painted on this baby face ^_^. A poker face variety of sorts. It's the same facial expression I wear everytime whether I am making jokes or killing off a person. It's not that I don't have any emotions, I've just learned to suppress them. This makes it diffiuclt for people to read me and my actions...I'm sure Battousai can tell you he had a difficult time defeating me (He was just lucky). And I'm pretty fast on my feet too. They call it Godspeed 3 (Battousai is Godspeed 1 level).  
Oh dear, you want to hear my lfie story too ^_^ ? You're that interested? How nice. Okay let's mother was a prostitute and my father owned a rice mill/rice distribution company. To prevent any scandal my mother might make, I was adopted by my father's relatives. I don't know what happened to my biological parents after that.  

I guess they didn't like me too much ^_^. They worked me up like an animal and beat me to a pulp. I got tired of that, so I learned to suppress my emotions. I put up a smile on my lips when they started beating me because when I did, they lose interest and leave me alone. That was the core of my existence then...working like a donkey and getting beaten for it....  

Then I met Shishio-sama. 

actually, I wish to cut your head...^o^I saw him one time killing a police officer. I tried to keep quiet but I stepped on a twig. Shishio heard it and almost made chopped liver out of me. Of course I was scared back then, so like all else...I just smiled ^_^ at him (didn't think he liked it though ^^;;;). He asked if dying would make me happy...and I continued smiling (told  you he didn't like it). He said he'd let me live if I gave him some food and bandages. I sneaked him in the rice storage house.  

My cousins were talking about Shishio-sama and asked if I'd seen him (since I slept outside lately). They wanted to kill him, show him their sword skills. Out of excitement, one of them ripped open the rice bag I was bringing to the warehouse. They laid the blame on me...ah what's new? And I get beaten again.  

As I was bringing Shishio-sama dinner, he asked me about the beatings I was getting. he wondered why I kept on smiling despite this and I told him why. But then, he told me one very important thing that I still recall to this day, "The strong survive and the weak have to die." He told me I was weak....but I didn't want to die....He then gave me a wakizashi (a small sword). I thought about what he said...and I had to admit that I was weak...but that's okay. I put the sword under the warehouse.  

Grandmother found out that there were no more bandages in the house and Uncle said I took them. SHe didn't think I could use up an entire roll by myself.  They suddenly remembered that the wanted criminal, Shishio-sama was burnt all over. They grew suspicious and started calling out for me. I denied it of course....but they didn't believe me. They then ran after me...wanting to kill me and tell the police they have found Shishio-sama. Frame him for my murder and collect the reward.  

Nobody wants to die...I didn't want to die....but there was no one there to save me. So I hid under the house, and went for Shishio-sama's kodachi....and then....they follow me...find me...  

Whoever thought an eight-year old could be guilty of murder? I killed them, all of them... 

you don't think I'm guilty, do you?Shishio-sama hears all the racket and he asked if I was crying....I told him I wasn't...with a smile...but you know? I was...  

I asked Shishio-sama if I could be strong...if it was possible. and you know what he said? That I can be...and the only one who would be stronger than I am would be him. From that time on, I stood on Shishio-sama's side, becoming his right hand man. Executioner of all his plans and wishes. Battousai had to go through me before getting to Shishio-sama. You know were lucky when we faced off. But other than that, I know I'd have taken you down. Too bad. Oh that enough for you people? Uhm yeah, I have to go do some more things. Go ahead and look at the gallery if you like. I'm off. Sayonara! 

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