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Sano lookin' at youHey there! What are you up to Kenshin? I don't belong here! Isn't this the site for pretty boys? Ugh! Alright, only for you, my friend. My name is Sagara Sanosuke. You can call me Toriatama, Sano or Kenkaya Zana. I'm 19 years old and was born in February. I stand 179 cm (5'10"), weigh in about 71 kg (156 lbs) and my blood type is B for BAAAAD. Okay, is that enough Kenshin? No? What is this, a police file? I used to wield a Zanbatou, a horse-chopping sword but Kenshin broke that when we first met. I mended it again, and then it broke again in a fight with my good friend (He was trying to save Katsu and me from making a BIIIGGG MISTAKE). Yeah, what's the use? So I usually fight with my bare hands. However, you can ask around, I'm good with or without a weapon. I don't have any particular technique, and I'm somewhat of a brawler. Except for that double impact punching technique I learned from Anzi the rebel monk. As you can see, I wear a Chinese character at the back of my shirt, it says "Evil". And for some reason, people pick on my "Bird nest/chicken" hair. What's wrong with that? I like it the way it is. I'm born a natural fighter with unusual physical strength. I believe in people's rights and I don't like people getting walked over. I'm a little on the rough side and I tend to get on people's nerves. Not that I really care about it. I want to be strong so I'll never lose people I care about. That's why I risked my life to learn the futaenokiwami (from Anzi). As a kid, I was part of the Sakihoutai and Sagara Soujo, the leader, was my idol. I even adopted his name. He was betrayed by the Meiji government, having him assassinated after the Bakamatsu no Douran and ambushing the rest of our group. 

kenshin and sano-dangerous duo 

After surviving the massacre, I became a "Kenkaya", a person hired to fight, and was known as Sanza. One time while crossing through Kyoto, I was hired to kill Kenshin. When I researched about him, I found out that he had been part of the Ishinshishi and it made me more bent on destroying him. When I lost the fight, we had a long talk, and later we became friends. Kenshin is not like the other Ishinshishi. He has respect for life, and is an honorable man. Like me, he's looking for a new path of life. I got adopted into his circle of friends and found the family I never had since the end of the Tokugawa period. I deeply respect Kenshin and our friendship is one of my greatest treasures. At one period, driven by hatred for the Meiji government, I tried blowing up government buildings with a fellow Sakihoutai survivor. Kenshin and I met in battle a second time, and he gave a wake up call on the wrong that I was about to do. That incident made us closer and gave me even greater respect for the man they used to call Battusai. What do I do other than fight? I drink sake, gamble and eat at Lenny's for free. No, I don't have any pictures to show. I don't want that "soul-taker" hanging around me, please! I vehemently refuse to have a camera photo of me! NO WAY! Oh, and in the anime, I'm supposed to be in love with Megumi. Yeah, whatever. She is pretty though. But all we ever do is argue. Stop teasing Yahiko. Hey! I'll get you for that you little runt! Excuse meI got fish to fry.  

Baby Elephant:  Screaming for Sano!!!  

  Sano isn't a frequent feature of bishounen sites- at least those ones I've seen. He's not classic bishounen, like Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) or Hotohori (Fushigi Yuugi) but you've got to admit he's got the looks! And I find nothing wrong with his hair! Imagine him with something like Mousse's long, flat-topped mop, or Mamoru Chiba's clean cut. Yeeew :[ ! It just wouldn't do! Sano isn't Sano sans the chicken-do! He's cute in the bad boy sense- and admit it or not, bad boys are lethal magnets! No unusual physical features- brown hair, brown eyes, tall, lanky frame. He's the quintessential bad boy, with the attitude, the nasty habits, and the fishbone (substituting for the modern-day toothpick) dangling from his mouth. Although, he could use a wardrobe overhaul-the coat doesn't bother me much, but someone should sew him some new pants. Those short pants (which I think he's been wearing since he was in the Sakihoutai) could use a little lengthening, don't you think? Sano isn't linked to anyone in the manga (at least until vol. 24- I haven't read the rest) and in the anime, he's being paired with Megumi. I dunno about you, but I think he looks better with Misao. Agree? Disagree? Tell us! 

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