Burn, Baby, Burn
RECCA SHINENHi everybody! Hanabishi Recca here from the anime series that bears my name, Flame of Recca (Recca no Honou). I'm 16 years old...but that would be 416 if we counted all those centuries I went through to escape the war that destroyed our clan. The Hokage Ninja clan. See, it went like this. I was the son of Oka, the original Flame Master and leader of the Hokage Clan, and his second wife Kagero. Now my true-blooded father had a first wife from who he had a son, Kurei. Kurei was supposed to be next in line for the leadership of the Hokage Ninja Clan. Then someone had seen that I had flames emitting from my cute little baby hand. My grandfather said that it's not possible to have two gifted children to be born to the Flame Master. It meant that the first born did not deserve the position of future leader so a second one was born to take his place. Kurei was supposed to be killed but my mom, nice lady that she is, begged my Grandfather to spare his life. Kurei and his mother were banished from the village. A year later, there arrived a powerful group of ninjas who attacked our village, the Oni. What they wanted were those special weapons that the Hokage Ninjas made. My father Oka hid the weapons from those invaders. Our entire clan was destroyed, except for me, my mother and Kurei. My mother opened a time portal and sent me 400 years into the future, where Kurei had followed me. The power she used was forbidden so she was punished by becoming an immortal.  I'm ready when you are 
I was found by Shigeo Hanabishi, a firecracker maker and adopted me as his son. I grew up as a regular boy with my good friends Kirisawa Fuuko and Ishijima Domon (my best friend!). Then a strange twist of fate led me into discovering my powers. While walking along the construction site, a pretty girl was in trouble (courtesy of my mom who now called herself Kage Houshi) and I being the hero saved her. I got knocked unconscious and she healed me with her powers. She's the lovely Sakoshita Yanagi, and I call her my princess (hime). I promised to defend her at all times and at all costs. Everything I do is for the love of my beautiful princess. 
red hot ReccaI have an armlet/tekkou that keeps my powers at bay. I possess in my hand the power of 8 flame dragons, all of which I've tamed. And when I do tame them, a tattoo of each dragon appears on my left arm. The names of my 8 dragons are: Saiha, Nadare, Homura, Setsuna, Madoka, Rui, Kokuu and Reisshin. They all appear at my command. I engage in a long battle with my half-brother Kurei. He wants possession of my princess Yanagi so his foster father can have immortal life. Hah! That'll never happen! Not as long as I'm alive. I battle Kurei and his Uruha group with the help of my good buddies Fuuko and Domon who possess weapons of the Hokage clan as well. A reluctant member of our team is Mikagami Tokiya, and a new found friend is Kougenai Kaoru. He used to be a member of Kurei's force, but he wisened up. That's enough for now. I hope you enjoy visiting this place. Wanna see pictures of us? See here! 
RECCA SHINEN! by Baby Elephant  
The show Recca no Honoo was introduced to our country to replace Yu Yu Hakusho when the series ended. The advertisement even went to say, "Yusuke's replacement, but he's not a copycat." And cutey Recca proved all of that! His show is currently number 1 in our country. Need you wonder? Just take one look at him and Tokiya and you'll know why everybody's glued to their sets! Recca is sooooo kawaii! And he's an awfully sweet boyfriend too... though his relationship with Yanagi is more implied than admittted. They look so cute together! I don't know if our suspicions are true, but it seems that at the beginning of the series, Fuuko seems to have a crush on him. Though as time passed, she apparently got over it. I'm no advocate of the Fuuko-Domon pairing though (Oh, come on! Fuuko deserves better than that!). Back to Recca, he's still young. I think he'll be much more bishounen when he grows up, ne?  
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