raiha kun!Hello to everyone! I'm so glad you came over to visit. My name is Raiha, and I come from Rekka no Honoo/Flame of Recca by Anzai Noboyuki. My apologies if I cannot disclose at the moment my birthday and age. Nobody is supposed to know...it's classified information ^_^. I am Kurei-sama's right hand man. One of the Uruha Jyusshinshuu (Uruha Group of Ten), Kurei-sama's personal death squad. Other members of the Jyushinshuu are Neon, Jishou, Genjuroh, Joker, Kirin, Mikoto, Noroi, Rasen and Meguri Kyoza. I stand a full head taller than Kurei-sama in the anime, a little shorter than that in the manga. My hair is purple and my eyes are green in the anime. In the manga, my hair is brown. I wield a katana, use shurikens and I own but rarely use the elemental weapon called raijin. 

now you got him madI am perpetually by Kurei-sama's side. I serve him with my life and owe him my loyalty. If Yanagi has Recca-kun as her personal ninja, then I am that equivalent to Kurei-sama ^_^ although I am most certainly not in love with my Master as Yanagi is with Recca, even if yaoi advocates think otherwise. Why do I do this? For blood. What does that mean...uhm...you'll have to wait and find out in the manga series later on. I am Kurei-sama's faithful servant. I rarely get angry, but I do when people insult or misunderstand Kurei-sama. In the Urabutosatsoujin, I had to face Uruha Kurenai to advance to the finals. Of course I forfeited that bout, as I am not really after the competition. My role is as a hiruandon (day lamp), to help Kurei-sama advance, no less. 

I own the raijin, the counterpart of the fuujin. My elemental weapon was created by Kaima, in answer to Kokuu's fuujin. It containes the power of electricity, but I have not used it in the Urabutosatsoujin, when a mere katana is enough. I used it once to save Tsukino-sama's life as Mori-sama's bomb threatened to detonate. I will use raijin only when the time is right...no, contrary to what the anime says, I will not use it to fight Fuuko-san ^_^. Really now...even if our weapons are complimentary, they are not to fight. And you all know how I feel about Fuuko-san.  

Or don't you? *blush* 

My character is essentially a contrast if you've seen both anime and manga. In the anime, I am serious, quiet and stiff. My manga counterpart is a lot more funny...maybe a little genki. Polite, sweet and friendly. I may even be mistaken for Hokage instead of Uruha. I am mentor to Koganei, friend to the Hokage, and to Fuuko-san....well, it's not for me to disclose of this moment. It is not the proper time to reveal this aspect of our relationship. Our weapons are destined to be together, whether it goes the same for us...lets wait and see.