're MINE!  ^_^
he is soooo adorable!Hi! I am Tsukiyono Omi from Weiß Kreuz. Glad to see you visitors here! So anyhow, my codename is Bombay and I'm 17 years old. My birthday is on February 29. I stand 163 cm and my blood type is O. My image flower is freesia. What do I like? The elderly, for one. And I don't like celery very much. ^^;;; as well as foolish adults.  I go to high school but I also work at the flower shop by day. all know what I do at night, right?  As a Knight Hunter, I use darts, bow and arrow and a crossbow. I also specialize in computer hacking...if you need any data can call me. My past was a mystery, and I kept getting these flashbacks during that time that we rescued a kidnapped boy. I find out that my real name is Mamoru (Chiba? No, wrong series ^_^) Takatori, and that I am the youngest son of Prime Minister Reiji Takatori. Not very good news, is it? I have two older brothers Masafumi (who used to harass me as a kid ^^). and Hirofumi, and Persia, our boss, is my real blood uncle. He's Shuiichi Takatori. According to my uncle, I've been kidnapped, and my father did not pay for my ransom. It's a sad fact, and I keep wondering why he didn't want me back. (Oh, come on, don't cry for me now. Here, have some Kleenex). 

kawaaaiiiiiiSo Uncle Shuiichi took me and made me a Knight Hunter. My brother recognized me, but he didn't treat me like his kin. He had me tortured by Schuldich to find out who wanted to assassinate him. In the end, I had to put an end to him. Right then and there I had realized that I am not Mamoru Takatori anymore, but Omi Tsukiyono. I's not exactly a very happy family I am in. Then I guess you all know Ouka, the girl who frequented the flower shop who's always looking for me. She turned out to be my half sister, as Reiji Takatori is also her father. I was extremely happy finding a sister, but before any celebration could be done, Ouka was killed right before my eyes by one of Takatori's men. So, are you deciding now whose life is more tragic...mine or Hotohori-sama? Or Neflite? Oh, don't cry now. There's got to be a happy ending in here somewhere...right? Well, why don't you see the gallery they made? Maybe that'll put a smile on your faces ^_^. 

by Baby Elephant 
A silly anecdote...the very first time we laid eyes on Omi-chan, we thought, "Oh! There's a girl member of the Knight Hunters!" :P Major *blooper.* Those puppy dog eyes must've given  'em the way. Anyways...isn't he such an adorable thing??? He is such a cute kid!!!! You're inclined to say "Oh my God!" everytime he comes up on screen. He doesn't look quite 17 though (I mean, Tama-chan is 17, as well as Tokiya, but Omi looks like Kaoru Koganei next to them *_*). He's got this "little boy lost look" that just makes you want to pick him up, cuddle him like a bear and mother him like a hen. Apparently one of the most, if not the most popular Knight Hunter because of his lovable looks and sweet demeanor. And his sad life story makes you want to snuggle him the more!

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