pretty nuriko
nurikoneHello everybody! Nuriko here, from Fushigi Yuugi by Yuu Watase. There was a little confusion for a while, and I almost ended up in the Bishoujo shrine with Kenshin Himura. Ha, ha, ha, you should've seen their faces when they found out I wasn't what the whole world took me for. Clever disguise, huh? Anyway, my real name is Chou Ryuuen. Kourin is my twin sister. Nuriko is my seishi name; it means, "court warrior". I am 18 years and was born in Konan country on March 10. That makes me Piscean. I have a full family- mother, father, older brother and a younger sister. My blood type is B and I'm relatively small for a guy, standing at 5'5" (155 cm). My seishi symbol is "yanagi" or willow located on the left side of my chest, just below the collarbone. My seishi power is my superhuman strength. I have purple hair, hazel eyes and a face that launched a thousand seishis (^_^ just kidding, well, maybe more than a thousand). 

nuriko-miakaI was introduced in episode 3 of the anime, as a princess of the realm. Yes, I gave everyone the initial impression that I am a femme fatale. You know at first how I despised Suzaku no Miko, because Hotohori-sama fell in love with her instead of me. After all, I've been trying to cavort with His Highness for over a year and he wouldn't give me a second glance! I had plans of marrying the Emperor you know, but Miaka foiled all of it. Why'd you think I tried charming Tamahome? It was merely to get back at her. So you must understand why I picked on her all the time…until the time came that I fell for her too. She's a nice girl you know. Which is why I had to say goodbye to my lustrous long hair, and to all those fancy clothes and jewelry. Not that I've lost my fashion flare. Fashion is one of my passions! As well as flirting and teasing Hotohori-sama! He was rather amazed when he found out there's a man just as beautiful as he is. We've got a number of things in common, Hoto and I. We're both beautiful men…and often mistaken as females (just ask those Mt. Leikkaka bandits, ha, ha, ha). We both like fashion, we both like Miaka. You know I'm pretty sure we'd have ended up together if we didn't fall in love with Suzaku no Miko. What do you think? Its pretty amusing too that Empress Houki, Hotohori-sama's wife looks a lot like me! I'd like to chat some more, but apparently they've run out of data on me. So let's go see my gallery instead, ne? But tell me something, why in blazes is Nakago here? They should've put him in the Recycle bin if you ask me…that is, if there's anything in him empty shell worth recycling, ha, ha, ha.


Yes, I've been had! Like every one else who saw the first few episodes...unless of course they've read the manga before. Handsome? Beautiful? Nuriko fits both if you ask me! ^_^. I had a friend in college who told me the true test of manly beauty is to take that man and make him look like a girl. And if he still turns heads, then he definitely fits the category! Nuriko is the perfect example...although I don't think Hotohori-sama will agree to that. They look kinda nice together, ne? And as Nuriko says, they probably would've ended up together if Hoto-sama had not fallen for Miaka and...if Nuriko had been Kourin in form (Uuuh..sorry...I'm not much for yaoi things, ya know?). But as I said with Yusuke, Nuriko is Nuriko. Come guy, come girl...he'll always make those heads turn and those mouths drool :p! Mine included ^_^. 

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