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sexy Nakago-samaNeed I say hello? Hmmm…you're interested in my profile? Why is that? But I guess it is a wise decision to see this part of the shrine than any of the others. The other "men" here aren't worth sixpence. You all know me as Nakago, Fushigi Yuugi's "bad guy." Of course that's to the misled masses. Why an ambitious and practical man as myself is branded as "Bad" is beyond me. If so, then every successful man in this forsaken planet is "Bad." My name is withheld by Watase-sama. Then again I don't think that's necessary for you to know. Nakago means "heart's lodging." I am from the Hin tribe, a race (I resent our race being labeled as "strange") from the East. I have no known family…that creature (the word man is too good for him) known as the Emperor of Kutou, ordered the annihilation of our entire race. He feels threatened by our genre, obviously. I am 25 years old and my birthday is on November 17th. I stand 6'4" (193 cm), a full head taller than your so-called "heroes." Currently I am the shogun of Kutou, holding 2/3 of its military power. 

Yui just can't forget about me...My seishi symbol is "shin" or heart, on my forehead. I possess the power of Kikou (extreme power of ki) and Nendou (an extreme form of Telekinesis). My ultimate goal in life is to rule the world, make it a wonderful place for me to live in. And I know I am not the first to think that. But I must say I'm more adept at achieving that goal than any other dreamer out there. I've been branded cold, selfish and manipulative. When in truth I am merely soft-spoken, patient, charming and have my mind set on making my dreams come true. They say I am one-track minded and dominated by my personal goals. I prefer to call myself goal-oriented, driven and focused! I discard unnecessary emotions that would hinder the attainment of my ultimate objectives. I have little use for emotion or compassion (those things, my dear, are for pansies like Tamahome). Heartless? Not quite. Go ask Soi and Yui, and they'll tell you that there is a four-chambered pump in this chest. I simply choose to be ruled by my head and not by my heart. What's so heartless about that? I am also a very charismatic individual making people easier to succumb to my will. I am the protector of Seiryuu no Miko. But if you think that Yui can order me around the way Miaka has Tamahome wrapped around her grease-covered fingers, then you're gravely mistaken! Yui dear, does my bidding but apparently the poor girl doesn't know it. I use the power of suggestion and a little subtle convincing and when she comes around to it, she orders me to do exactly what I want. A stroke of genius, I'd say. But don't think I kick Yui around for what-have-you. I am, after all, loyal to Seiryuu no Miko. I serve and protect her too, however I see it fit. She's not as stupid as Miaka (Holy Seiryuu, she is as baka as they come!) 
scent of NakagoI am a charmer…what can I say? And if she chooses to succumb to my charisma, then that's her problem. And unlike other anime villains out there, I am not surrounded by idiots! Just look at Queen Beryl, the poor woman. If I had those generals and youmas, they'd all be powder before the first half of the season. My fellow seishis are intelligent, powerful and just as "evil" I am. Well, almost. It's too bad Yui chose to listen to that baka best friend of hers at the last minute. We could have ruled the world, that kid and I. In the end I was defeated (what a ghastly word) by Tamahome. That fool was just lucky. I should've served his hide for Seiryuu's breakfast. Ah, but there will be other days to rule the world…you'll see. Hmmm…these fans of mine have built a gallery of worship for me somewhere in this shrine. And if you want to know and feel what true greatness is, then you'll go and see for yourself. I cannot fathom, however, why they wasted time, space and energy to put Tamahome in this shrine. And add to that Hotohori and Tasuki…hell, make it, all of them. This should be a Nakago shrine. Why anyone would want to see anyone else is worse than unthinkable. 


Ah...yes. He is as evil as they come...and as bishounen as well! And to think I'm such a sucker for blondes...of any shade! Plus the facdt that he looks a load like my favorite Gunner (Duff McKagan) makes him all the more droolsome! Ambitious...manipulative...without compassion...he's everything you love to hate and more! He's Nakago and he kicks ass...too bad it had to be Tama-chan's (you must know...I love him too ^^;;). Well, we can't all go just merely hero-worshipping can we? A good series has good heroes and GOOD VILLAINS. Nakago-sama is the best...or the worst...depending on how you put it..of them. But when I look into those deceptive eyes and watch the flow of those golden locks....Aye Carramba! One can get lost in them you know. He's a little misdirected I guess...^_^. Yeah...well, he is what he is. And how you interpret it is what matters. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and am I Nakago melt...ha ha ha ha ha! 

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