lantis, the babeGreetings...I am Lantis from the series Magical Knights Rayearth. I am here thanks to the request of. I come from the planet of Cephiro. I stand over 7 feet...age unknown...blood type don't have to know and I am not required to tell you. My brother is Shinkan Zagato. I like taking naps and Hikaru ^_^. I don't like...err...sweet things (that's food to you).  
I am the younger of the two of us, and despite the fact that we look rather alike and sound alike (call it genetics will you), we are very different in personality. I have been taught by Guru Clef to be the only Magic Swordsman in Cephiro. I left for Autozam one day only returning after Princess Esmeraude passed away. This led people to think that I am a spy. While in Autozam, I befriended Eagle, son of the president and cheif commander of the battle ship NSX. We were the closest of friends, but due to the fact that the Pillar of Cephiro had passed away, Eagle was forced to betray me.  

lantis, the bishounenI met the Magic Knights when they arrived a second time to Cephiro. For a while, Hikaru constantly thought that I hated them since they killed my older brother. I do not blame the Magic Knights but the Pillar system of Cephiro.   
I may seem expressionless and calm but deep inside me is a burning pain and desire. The pain of losing my only remaining family, and the desire to prevent whatever happened from recurring. My one true intentionis to destroy the Pillar system of Cephiro so that no one should be left in pain, be deprived of being with the person they love, and to alone decide the fate of an entire country.  

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