you are my one desire...believe when I say that I want it that way ^_^
adorable kureiWhat are you looking at? I did not request to be put in a place like this to be oggled! I do not appreciate it at all. Best to get this over with. I am Kurei, hailing from the anime/manga series by Anzai Noboyuki, Flame of Recca or Rekka no Honoo. Which frankly I think should be renamed Kurei no Honoo since it is obvious to everyone with half a brain that I am the more intelligent and more powerful of the two of us.  

I wont tell you my birthday, as that knowledge is sacred only to Kurenai and me. I am 20 years old, but technically 420 since I had been sent into time and space. I am from the 16th century, a descendant of the Hokage Ninja Clan. The first born of Ohka, the leader of the Hokage Clan and Reina. I was supposed to be next in line to the Hokage Leadership...until Recca was born. It's been said that when two children with flames were born to a flame caster, the first born is undeserving of the clan leadership and a second one was born to take his place. This was what they thought and I was judged to have been born with a cursed flame and had been condemned. My mother had asked the village elders to slay Recca but it was me to whom they instead turned. My mother and I were exiled to the outskirts of the Hokage village. Condemned and spit on.   
Treated like trash.  

chibi chibi kurei--hate recca, hate recca, hate recca!!!It was this that had made me decide that it was Recca's fault. Had he not be born, we would not have suffered. I took it upon myself to end this misery, deciding to end it by ending Recca's life. Unfortunately I had been caught and was sent to prison. Unknown to me, my mother had gone, leaving me alone in the world. It was then that the forces of the government came upon the Hokage village to take the madougu, crushing the clan and annhilating everyone. I was lucky enough to escape courtesy of the power I had discovered, that of my "cursed" blue flame. And when I found Kagero sending Recca into time, I followed him through the portals and hence found myself into the modern times.  

Here I met another woman who had treated me kindly and took me as her own, Tsukino Mori, my kaa-san whom I so dearly loved. She was maried to Mori Kouran, a corrupt politician hiding behind the facade of his charitable works. He had implanted a bomb inside my beloved Kaa-san and promised to trigger it if I do not do his bidding.  

am i in loveAnd then there was Kurenai. Mori Kouran adopted her to make me fall...and I did. I loved her with all my heart and my soul. And he kills her in front of my eyes to teach me not to feel emotion....any emotion. That I should be heartless and incapable of having any feelings. As a symbol of our undying love, i took Kurenai's soul and absorbed into my flame. Thus you see her as my blue flame, my sacred Phoenix. The burn on the left side of my face is caused by her touch. A remembrance, a symbol of our of eternal love.  

I had formed then the Uruha Jyusshinshuu, The Ten Assassins. My personal Death Squad who are most powerful and who are prepared to do my bidding. I had held on to the helm of my group with an iron claw.   

kurei vs reccaIt was after 400 years that I had come upon that which had destroyed my happiness, my half-brother Recca Hanabishi. He had tried defending the honor and safety of Yanagi, the girl he calls hime and the healer whom my stepfather wishes to possess. Through it all we battled, and we meet in my castle. Recca with his yellow flame, the eight ryuu and I with my sacred blue flame, Kurenai, the Phoenix. Our battle was cut short by the appearance of my Jyusshinshuu. By then we had promised to meet again. Someday.  

That came during the Tournament of Death, the 3rd Invitational Ura Buto Satsoujin where a prize is at stake for every team that competes. In the Hokage's case, it would be Sakoshita Yanagi. Recca and his friends breezed through and met my squad the Uruha Kurenai in the final bout. It was a long and tiring bout. And I gave it my all. The fight of my life until I could do no more.  

You won by default, Recca. Remember that. (Recca: Oi, that was the anime. I knocked you out in the manga. Fair and square.) In the anime you see me getting knocked over my Mori Kouran's car. In the manga, he sends his henchmen to kill me with bullets. But of know me better than that....  

As they say...only the good die young....  

And now I wear the mask of my ninja clan, the one true Hokage. Ura Hokage. And I return to fight that evil that bears the name Mori Kouran. To avenge the death of my Kurenai and to end his evil deeds. For once and for all...  

Recca: Kurei-san, that's a very dramatic speech there...mind giving me some lessons on delivery?   
Kurei: Shut up, Hanabishi  
Recca: Didn't you promise to call me Recca-chan the other day? ^  
Kurei: Did not. Get lost...  

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