Kurama--beauty and brainsHi there! Shuiichi Minamino here, greeting all visitors to this bishounen shrine. If you've already been to Youko Kurama's page, you'll know why there are separate pages for us. If not, well, allow me to enlighten you. We may be one and the same man, but we are two distinct personalities. Besides, if we both told our stories on one page, it'll take a lifetime to load! So here's my share. In the ningenkai world where I was born, I am Minamino Shuiichi, son of Minamino Shiori. My name means Finest of the South. I'm 15 years old and I 'm a high school student at Meiou High. My favorite subject there is Biology (quite obviously to those who know ^_^). I was a master thief in the Makai (Demon World) and I was shot during a manhunt (or in this case Youko hunt). I escaped by transforming into a spirit and entering the womb of Minamino Shiori and she had borne me into the world. 

I live in a house with my mother, my stepfather and my stepbrother who has the same name as I do. The school I go to is exclusive and rather well known. I don't want to brag, but I did bag the top spot in our school. An achievement I dedicate to my dear mother. She's all the world to me, you know. When I was a Youko, I was cold and heartless. From my mother I learned all the good virtues in life. She had banished the evil spirit within, giving me the heart I've never had. Once when I was 9 years old, I slipped from a chair while reaching for some plates. The plates had crashed on the floor, and my mother's quick intervention prevented me from getting hurt, although she had scarred her arms severely in the process. Therefore, you see how much I owe my mother. Everything I do, I do it for her happiness. One year before Yu Yu Hakusho began; I crossed paths with Hiei. Together with a demon named Gouki, we went to Rei Kai to steal three treasures. I stole the Wish-granting Mirror because my mother was severely ill at that time, and I wanted to wish her back her health. Yusuke tracked me down and I promised to return the mirror after my mother recovers. Yusuke understood me, I suppose, and couldn't bear the thought of a woman losing her only son (the mirror's price of a wish is the life of the wisher). He offered half of his life in return (I owe you one, Yusuke!). the mirror, seeing the good intentions, didn't take any life for the wish. My punishment for stealing the mirror was to become one of the Spirit World Detectives/Rei Kai Tentai helping Yusuke and Kuwabara with their missions. 

I've had many adventures during my stint with my three other buddies-Yusuke, Kuwabara and Hiei. We went to fight the Four beasts, The Black Martial Arts Tournament (Ankoku Bujutsukai), the Seven Psychics, and finally in The Makai Tournament. Of the three, I am closest to Hiei, as we've known each other since we were in Makai. We've fought before, and we became partners later. We're NOT a couple (laughs); Mukuro wouldn't like that, ne? She's going to saw my hide off. People say I'm a tease…but I am a fox so what do you expect? 

beware of Kurama's rose whip!!!The weapon I use is my rose whip. It was first introduced in my battle against one of the holy beasts, Genbu. It can cut through steel, concrete, rock, flesh...you name it. I also use Makai plants as weapons. I'm not quite as enthusiastic with fighting like Yusuke or Hiei, but I can get dangerous, especially when pushed to the limit. I am a good friend, but I am a worse enemy. My patience is long, but it should not be tried. I am capable of doing things in a manner as icy and as merciless as when I was Youko. So please, don't mess with me and especially with people I care about. I'm a quiet, gentle and polite person. Silent waters run deep, they say- and as far as I am concerned it goes very, very deep. I am more of a thinking fighter than a physical fighter. It's one of my strengths, being a strategist. They call me the Romantic soldier…probably because of my appearance and the rose whip I hold ^_^. There's nothing romantic about the methods I do, at least. 

I have no romantic relationships of sorts. Maya Kitajima is a girl I knew. She told me she loved me, but I didn't feel the same way about her. We were friends and classmates, and I had rescued her once from evil youkos. However, that was the end of that. I wouldn't really call her a girlfriend. 

this is my destiny...After the Makai Tournament, I chose to remain in my Minamino Shuiichi form, instead of Youko Kurama. I'm much happier that way. I didn't go to college, and instead helped my stepfather in our business. Whew! I guess that's enough. If I tell you everything that went on with my life, we'd take all day. The mistresses built a nice little image shrine for me. Would you like to see it? Come with me and let's go look! 

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