isn't he soooooo cute?Hello there! How was your day? I'm doing fine, thank you. My apologies for being a little late. Someone had given me the wrong directions and I almost ended up in the Bishoujo shrine! It's not easy looking like a girl and having a slightly feminine voice! I'm known to otakus as Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin-Meiji Kenkaku Romantan by Watsuki Nobuhiro. But that's not my real name. At birth, I was named Shinta, but my sensei told me it was too soft for a swordsman so he gave me my current name. I used to be known as Hitokiri Battusai/Himura Battusai. My birthday falls on June 20th. I'm 28 years old in the anime. I stand 168 cm (5'6") and weigh in at 48 kg (105 lbs., I've got to admit, I'm a little bit scrawny ^_^). My blood type is AB (whatever's left of it. I've lost a lot of it in all the battles I've been through). I wield a sakabatou (a katana with a reversed edge). My first sakabatou was broken by Soujirou, so I got another one, sakabatou-shinuchi. I come from the school of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu and my sensei is Seijuurou Hiko. The technique I use is Hitenmitsurugiryuu (The Attack of the Flying Dragon). Oh, you want to know a little background? Let's see. When I was a boy, around 8 or 9 years old, my parents died in a cholera epidemic (I was still Himura Shinta then). I was then sold to slave traders and was the only male among a group of adult female slaves. We traveled around (so you can see, I've been a rurouni since childhood ^_^) Japan and about a year after I joined the group, we were attacked by a group of bandits. I wanted to fight, but the good women prevented me and they all died protecting me. I was saved by my present-day sensei Seijuurou Hiko. He then took me under his wing as his student, and christened me Kenshin (Heart of sword), because he thought my birth name didn't suit a swordsman. I then set out to learn the technique known as Hitenmitsurugiryuu. When I refused to learn the final secret step of this sword technique, my sensei and I argued about it. This led to our parting ways when I was 13 years old. A few years later, I served as a bodyguard/assassin in the Bakumatsu no Douran, fighting on the side of the Ishinshishi. I had killed a lot of people then, earning the title Hitokiri Battusai. Not that I was really proud of the things I did then. So, after the ushering of the Meiji era (people credit me into almost single-handedly saving the Meiji government, but that's too much credit, really ^_^), I laid down my sword and swore never to kill again. I became a korosazu no rurouni (a wanderer who vowed never to kill). I did it as repentance for all the murders I've committed in the name of the Ishinshishi . I had laid to rest the name of Hitokiri Battusai. 

Kenshin & Kaoru...      ;-)) Ten years after the beginning of the Meiji era, I found myself wandering around the streets of Kyoto and getting attacked by a beautiful kendo master, Kamiya Kauru. She had been in pursuit of a trigger-happy (make that blade-happy) murderer claiming to be Hitokiri Battusai of the Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu. The fugitive had been killing in the name of Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu, and the reputation of her dojo was tarnished. She had mistaken me for that man because I carried a sword! Kauru-dono was severely overpowered by this diabolic man, Gohi, so I helped her. We were able to subdue Gohi so he would not on go a murdering spree ever again. Two birds with one stone I guess, because Kauru-dono and I had both our names cleared ^_^. Out of the goodness of her heart, Kauru-dono invited me to stay at her dojo. I agreed in the end, and it turned out to be a good decision because it was there that I had found the family I never had. I made new friends- Myoujin Yahiko, Sagara Sanosuke and Takani Megumi, all of whom are very dear to me. This unfolds the new chapter of my life, as I try to live outside the shadow of my dark past as Hitokiri Battusai and start anew as simply Himura Kenshin. 

Of course trying to weave a new beginning isn't easy for one with a checkered past. There would be new adversaries who take me on because they wanted a piece of Battusai. And there would be old ghosts from the past, haunting me for unresolved conflicts during the Bakumatsu. It would take forever if I discussed them all here, so let's just leave it for the anime or manga to tackle, ne? 

KENSHINGUMI! I 'm a calmer, more peaceful person now. I use the polite verb "gozaru" at the end of my sentences, and I refer to myself as "sessha" and if you note, my favorite expression is "oro." I pray "Amai Zaregoto" and try to restrain the man I had used to be. Battusai, that is. I want to exorcise him out of my system, bury him in the deepest recesses of my memory. However, when severely provoked, my alter ego comes out. He rears his head when I'm battling in defense of the people I care most about. I don't like it when people get trampled on or get their rights stepped on. In these extreme circumstances, the hitokiri in me reemerges and he can be frightening and out of control. It's a constant inner battle I wage, trying to pull Battusai away yet trying to maintain the sword skills and blinding speed he possesses that earned him that legendary title. It's no easy thing, believe me, but I'm coping up so far ^_^. 

looking forward to see you againOkay, before I go on talk on more than I should, I 'll bid you all goodbye. No spoilers. Please go see all of the nice fellas who appear on this shrine. Some of them say they don't want to be here, but I think otherwise, right Sano? If you'd like to see an image gallery these mistresses created for me (Gomen!), then click on. Thanks everyone! Enjoy surfing. Arigatou! Sayonara! 

The Elephant Has Spoken: Be Mine Beautiful Battusai!   

I was immediately drawn to this beautiful rurouni, despite the scar on his cheek. Though scars can be awfully sexy ^_^! Right Kouji? Love at first sight, I'd say! So I totally know how Kauru felt the second she laid eyes on him!Kenshin is THE MAN! Where else can you find a man whose not only physically gifted, but spiritually gifted as well? True, he had killed many a men in the Bakamatsu no Douran, but that was because he thought he'd be helping to end the suffering of people (by ushering in the New Era). Forgive he was merely an unknowing 14 year old who was more idealistic than realistic. He has repented, and he kept true to his promise never to kill again. From the day he adopted the reverse-edged sword to the moment he had passed it on to a more mature Yahiko. Where else can you find a man who cares much more for others than he does for himself, who would risk his life, limb, and sanity time and time again for those he cared for the most? Yeah, well maybe you will find some anime heroes like that. But Kenshin is also a first rate cook, an excellent housekeeper and a superb baby sitter! Top that ^_^! So that is why he will always be number one in my list. He is my man, my kind of guy. There can only be one...Hitokiri Battusai!  

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