ken hidaka--the hunky hunter!
Ken-chan!!!Konnichi-wa! How are you doing? Thank you for visiting my place here in the Bishounen Universe. I was a little hesitant showing my profile and pictures because...well...I'm not a particularly open about these things. But since Omi, Aya and Yoji are here...might as well. Hidaka Ken is my name and I come from Weiß Kreuz. Florist by Day, Assassins by Night...oh, you know the story ^_^. I'm 19 years of age, and my birthday is on December 23. My code name is Siberian. Uhhhm...what else would you like to know? I stand around 175 cm, and my blood type is B. My image flower is Gentian.The weapons I use are called bugnuks, i.e., tiger claws attached to my gloves. want to know more? Uhm...okay. 
I like soccer. I like kids. I used to be a soccer player in the J-league...just before joining the Knight Hunters. Something bad happened though, and my career kind of got shot up. So now I just teach soccer to kids who want to learn it. That's if and when I get time off from "Kitty In The House." That's the name of the flower shop where I work, by the way ^_~. I had a best friend...Kase. For some reason or another, he wants to see me in hell *_*. I don't really hate him for it though. What I do hate is liars. I can't stand people fabricating things which damage others. I'm generally the nice guy here...but I AM NOT A PUSHOVER (Yoji: Yeah right).    
I'm thinking of youI used to have a girlfriend...Yohko. I met here while on my bike one time. She rode bikes too. We'd race together for days on end. She made me very happy...but unfortunately she left for Australia because she had dreams to pursue. Dreams she had before she even met me. So I had to let her go. Its not good holding one back (Yoji *sings*: I don't want to try to hold you back, I wouldn't try controlling you...) for selfish reasons....Yoji please don't sing, I'm trying to say something. Oh, what the....uhm, never mind. Thanks anyway for your time. See you all.   
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