His Royal Highness,  HotohoriNi-hao! The Emperor of Konan sends all shrine visitors his greetings! No, I haven't grown tired of appearing in these types of shrines. After all, these mistresses have treated me well, and I think it is good to give something in return, ne? To those who have not laid eyes on me before, I come from Fushigi Yuugi by Watase Yuu. Although all Fushigi Yuugi fans as know me as Hotohori, my real name is Saihitei Seishuku. You can call me Ho-ri-sama. I am 18 years old and my birthday falls on April 2, so I am an Aries. I first saw light in the Palace of Eiyou, the capital of Konan. I stand 182 cm (6'1 1/2") and my blood type is A. Hotohori (sea serpent) is my seishi name. On the left side of my neck is my seishi symbol, a star. My constellation is Hydra. My hobbies include reading and fashion. I carry a sword, the Shinken (Deity's sword) which is virtually indestructible-deflecting almost any "ki" blow effectively and acts as a regular two-handed sword. Swordsmanship is my greatest skill. I try to maintain a certain balance with life as an emperor and a seishi of Suzaku. 
Hotohori-sama and Boushin As an emperor, I am well loved and respected by my subjects. I take this position very seriously and the safety and well being of my people is of prime importance. Although I am only the third of my brood (having 2 older brothers, 1 younger brother and 2 younger sisters), I have been crowned emperor of Konan. My mother had known I was one of the seven seishi of Suzaku, and had thus reared me to take over the country. I took the throne at the age of 14, and was hailed as the fourth ruler of this country. In order that I grow up into the regal being that my position demands, I was raised among adults. This explains why I act older than my age dictates. I also lived a sheltered existence, oblivious to the life outside the four walls of the palace. People who wanted favors for the position I held forever surrounded me. This left me lonely and wanting, perpetually searching for the person who would love me not for what I am but for who I am. I grew up dreaming and hoping that Suzaku no Miko would be the one to dispel this emptiness inside me. Sad to say, Miaka, her heart had belonged to someone else. She did not accept the love I had offered. 
*sigh* wish that was me instead of Miaka However, I did not allow this setback to deter me. I went on for my adoration for her, defending her world from the evil ambitions of Nakago. In need, I had married Houki, to produce the child that was to be heir to my throne. No, I have never been unfaithful to my wife. For despite my heart longing for Miaka, I had been good to my wedded empress. She carried the son that I would never see, for my life had been stolen in the battlefield while leading my army. In my last breath, I professed for the last time my unrequited love for Suzaku no Miko and gave her and Tamahome my blessing. A short, tragic life, I would say. Although, one cannot change what is written in the stars, ne? Our fates have been sealed by the maker (or the writer, I suppose ^_^). Please, do not lament for this Emperor, life is to short for one to be unhappy. Do proceed to the wonderful little gallery these kind mistresses have created for me, and see the happier moments of this monarch's life. 


By: Baby Elephant 

The first Fushigi Yuugi character I had the opportunity to lay eyes on. I had been lent an Animerican Magazine where they featured a Fushigi Yuugi, I think it was chapter 6- the part where Hotohori-sama first declares love to Miaka. Enchanted was the first thing that came to my mind! He was drop dead gorgeous! And I do mean gorgeous with a capital G! I thought Tamahome was cute, but the Emperor! Whoa! He can be either male or female, and he'd still turn heads! He's not just bishounen; he's SUPER BISHOUNEN, if there ever was one! The long, beautiful brown cascade of hair, the gentle gold-green-brown eyes, the regal bearing, the class, and the fancy sword handling- he's got it all! Moreover, despite the drop-dead looks, he's not a playboy, reserving his love for one woman! No, I wouldn't call Miaka stupid for turning him down (half-stupid, maybe, I guess ^.^). Hey, the girl fell in love with Tamahome first (after all, he was the one perpetually risking life and limb for her, especially in the first few episodes). Tama-chan isn't a bad catch you know ^_^. Back to his royal hunkiness, well, he's everything and more! Lucky Houki, ne? Too bad she didn't get him to love her though. Now if I were in Miaka's shoes…I'd get Suzaku to split me into multiple parts like Michael Keaton in Multiplicity so there's enough for everybody ^_^ ha, ha, ha! Of course His Highness has his flaws, one being his vanity, as the common imperfection of most beautiful men. Hey, nobody's perfect ne? In any case, you don't suppose Hotohori-sama is my favorite seishi. Err… he isn't, because the seishi who has my heart in his hand is none other than Genrou (my darling Tasuki!). But of course he has his own page. 

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