are you ready for Hiei?
hiei lookin good!Huh? What bishounen shrine? I don't like appearing in those things, ugh! Those are for pretty boys…not for men like me. This is beginning to get annoying. My name is Hiei-isn't that obvious? I come from Yu Yu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi. When the anime started I was around 14, and by the end of it, I'm around 16. I vehemently refuse to be called cute! Try doing that and you'll get a taste of my sword, huh! No I don't have a birthday. That's one of the worse things you could ask. I don't like talking about my past, it's not worth it. (Kurama: Oh come now, Hiei. Be nice to all the surfers out there. I thought you've buried the hatchet with those people at Koorime. You have to forgive my friend here, he's in a bad mood today ^_^). You bet I am. Oh what the heck…I was born in Koorime, a very cold place in Makai (The Spirit World). I was born with a twin sister, Yukina- but don't tell her. She doesn't know I'm her long lost brother. I don't know who my father is, and my mother has died by the time I returned to Koorime. According to the manga, every 100 years, an ice demon gives birth without anyone's help, and the child must always be a girl. Even if turns out twins, they're both girls. And once in a blue moon, a male child is born- and when that happens, bad luck happens to the inhabitants of Koorime. You see, only females are allowed on that floating ice island. So when I was born, together with Yukina, they had conspired to throw me away. Hina, a friend of my mother threw me off a cliff to plunge in the river to my "death." She even handed me this pearl necklace from my mother. She said that if I should come back alive, I should kill her first. I survived that one of course, and was swept ashore, to be found by a group of bandits. They tried prying the necklace off my hands-which I refused to give up. They raised me and I grew up to be a cold-hearted and vicious, killing other demons to steal from them. My life was a big, lonely melodrama- but don't cry for me. I wouldn't like that. My fellow bandits, thinking I was too cold-hearted left me to fend for myself. I went on my own, and during one of my battles, had the pearl necklace severed and lost. It was after that incident that I had my third eye (Jagan) placed on my forehead. I cover it with a white cloth. It sees far away, and I wanted to use it to locate my lost sister. It comes with a price though, that if and ever I found here, I must never tell her who I am. Yukina is not at all like me. She's gentle, sweet and friendly. She is gifted with the ability of healing, and her tears when shed turn into valuable pearls. I wasn't able to find her because she was held captive by Mr. Valdez, a greedy businessman who wanted her tears (I dunno his Japanese name, sorry *_*). A magical shield surrounded her. Huh, I'm proud to say that he wasn't able to make her cry, strong girl. Only the death of her friends caused her tears to flow. Together with Kurama, Yusuke and Kuwabara, I rescued her from his clutches. 

Hiei has always been a bit blue...Those three, by the way are my friends. In particular, Kurama. We've been partners for well over a year before I met the other two. He's the one who truly understands me. We met in the Makai, both being thieves. We even went to the Reikai to steal some treasures. Kurama at the time was with another demon. Kurama and I have had our share of battles with one another, and when I got injured, he healed me. We sort of became friends after that. I don't want to be his enemy because, when he gets mad, he's very difficult to deal with. I'd rather be friends with him. Yusuke? He's an arrogant son of a gun (Rei-gun? That's a bad joke even for you my friend). And he doesn't use his brain too often, always impulsive and trigger-happy. But he's okay I guess. Kuwabara, we always argue, that lunkhead. Though I do trust him to take good care of Yukina. You know what I mean. 

My powers include the control of fire, both from Makai and Ningenkai. The Ningenkai fire is yellow-orange and the Makai fire is purplish-black. My most powerful weapon is Jaouensatsukokuryuha/Black Dragon Spirit technique. This creates a huge, black dragon made of Makai fire. It's powerful enough to turn enemies into dust or worse, into nothing at all. Other than that, I use my sword to finish off the opposition. The Black Dragon spirit technique is my specialty.  Only Mukuro had broken through it. 

Mukuro, is a youma whom I met just before the Makai Tournament. She, like me, had a particular hatred for the outside world. We became allies…don't look at me like that, Kurama >_<! And stop teasing! In one battle where I faced the youko who gave me my third eye, I had severed my arm and had lost consciousness. Mukuro took care of me until I healed. A bonding of sorts developed. When we faced one another in the Makai Tournament, she had defeated me, and during our fight, I had broken the chains that bound her hands since her youth. After the Tournament, I became part of the Makai Patrol, leading the group in guarding the safety of the Makai. I live with Mukuro, and we're both at peace with our lives. We're both rather content with the way our lives are going. I had found my sister and had made peace with the inhabitants of Koorime. I didn't go through with my plan of destroying that place. Oh, and I found Hina too. No, I didn't kill her either. Alright, that's too much now. I'm leaving. Mukuro is not my wife! Must you misinterpret all that I say? That's it. I'm off. 

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