WELL...WHAT?Good day...what brings you here? Bishounen worship? Hnnn...what for? I find it rather odd that you'd do that. Very well...I am Fuuma of X 1999 by CLAMP. Now don't tell me you don't know what CLAMP is. I am the older brother of Kotori and a former best friend of Kamui. Put a stress on that word former. I am very protective of Kotori, as she is the only one left of my family. I am severly protective of her and would not want her exposed to the cruelties of life, especially the unhappy circumstances of our Mother's death. She is a fragile thing, you must realize. Kamui was my best friend. At a young age, only Kotori and I were the children who would play with him as he didn't know who his father was. I promised to protect and care from him when we were young. He left though, and upon his return I intended to keep my word. I do what I can to help him in any way. I became rather upset when I mistook that Yuuto and Sorata hurt him. As you can tell I am severely protective and caring of the ones I love. It is my only concern. 

you were saying???People misconcieve me to be cold and distant. They say I act too seriously and behave well above my age, being a junior in high school. They say I have a glare that could kill. I don't warm up easily to anyone, or do they in return. Frankly I do not care what others think nor say of me. I care only for my sister, and Kamui. So what if Sorata thinks I have no sense of humor? That is my problem. Of course...everything changes after Kamui choses to become a Dragon of Heaven... 

Kamui...do you mind?I was reborn a Dragon of Earth, the real Kamui. Mortal enemy of the Dragon of Heaven's Kamui. I live for the day in 1999 when I will destroy him and the rest of the human race. That is all that matters. His death, his destruction. Oh, and the rest of the world too. I'm going to enjoy watching this miserable planet meet its foreseable end. Nothing else. I said goodbye to these humane emotions when I became an Earth Dragon. They are useless. Nothing else matters. Not my old friendship, not my fellow Land Dragons (what use are they anyway? I alone can take on that pathetic Kamui), not my sister. Does it not show? I've taken Kotori's life. A fair number of the Dragons of Earth met their end in my hands. And Kamui...well...wait til I get my sword across his skinny neck. I enjoy seeing him suffer, watching his emotional turbulence...and the wonderful thing is...he doesn't want to hurt me! He thinks he can save me! Return me to my "old self." Funny. Why would I want that? I am glorious in my current state. And I can play with his emotions as much as I want.  

Kanoe doesn't thoroughly trust me. The Dragons of Earth do not like me...except for Nataku. She has this memories of a little girl they were trying to revive. Said I looked like her father. Do I even care? No. All I want is Kanui's head on a platter and his blood on my sword. Are you shaking in your boots yet? Be gone then. Go worship some other bishounen who would cater to your humanly needs.  

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