Kissed by a roseHello. Aya here from Weiß Kreuz. So what's this place? Yoji told me to come here but he didn't say...what? A bishounen  worship center? (stops to think). Oh, okay, I'll put up with this for the meantime but I'm not very enthusiastic about these kinds of places. want to know what? My real name isn't Aya. It's Ran, Ran Fujimiya. I only used the name Aya because of my younger sister. My code name is Abyssinian. I'm 21 and my birthday is on July 4. I stand 178 cm and my blood type is A. My image flower is Rose. I am a Knight Hunter, employed by Persia. I come in the guise of a florist by day, assassin by night. Interests? Reading. But money interests me the most. That's one of the reasons I joined the Knight Hunters, so I can get some cash. The hospital bills are overkill, you know.    
adorable ayaMy parents are deceased, and my only remaining family is Aya, my younger sister. She's currently in a coma now, no thanks to that (curses) Reiji Takatori. He's the scum of the earth, that despicable...(Yoji: Oi! Keep your cool, my friend. The ladies are watching). I couldn't care less. I wield a katana (some sites list it as a kodachi) which I'm going to use to slice Takatori's heart out sooner, if not later. I lived a basically quiet life until that Takatori attempted to kill us. He blew up our house and ran over my sister, on her birthday, no less. The earring I wear is hers. (Yoji *thinks of a way to cool down his friend*: Why don't you tell them about Sakura?) Sakura is a girl we met when we ran into a gang who slices up people to remove certain vital organs of the body. She was one of the victims. She's a nice girl, and they shouldn't have done that to her. I entrusted Sakura the care of my sister when we went to a suicide mission to eliminate Takatori. No, we don't have a *relationship* of any sorts, so don't look at me like that. That's it. I'm out of here.    

by Baby Elephant    

Another adorable Knight Hunter (Man! Why is this series soooo full of bishounen ^^?). Leader of the best-looking assassin organization that ever walked the earth. The red hair, trenchcoat and sword are classics (remember Aoshi Shinomori and Tooya). He's got the looks, the  no sweat demeanor and the suave disposition. Apparently the only things he care about are cash and his sister. A strong silent type, not necessarily the iceberg he's oft identified with ^^;;;. BISHOUNEN UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE . He is one droolworthy studpuppy. Though I don't think he's going to like being oggled by girls *_*. In our country, we'd label him "deadma" (dead malice). Quiet until provoked...just don't mention the condeming four syllables (that is..Ta-ka-to-ri). another gorgeous specimen of the male species (we mean Omi and Shuuichi Takatori --drool...droll...drool....) 

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