If you think we know little about the men in ANIMEN ASSORTED, then all the more in this area! They're either minor, minor characters or guys we simply saw on the net and thought…"He looks nice, let's put him in the shrine!" So if you know any of these boys and you want to have them moved to another dimension (Animen Assorted) or The Main pages, tell us (Baby Elephant or Little Raptor) and we'll give these particular animen the push!


Neither of us remembers which shrine we found Tooya in. All we know is the moment we saw him, we screamed "Bishounen!" and pressed the download button. Even when sweating he looks as beautiful as any red-blooded babe ^o^! He's worth all the drool in the world! When Little Raptor searched an Ayashi no Ceres shrine, she found a Tooya photo and we found out his name. We weren't able to download any data though. But we'll move him as soon as we get more stuff. Isn't he such a cutie? 


Yes, Yuuto-chan has left this page. BUT HE HAS NOT LEFT THE SHRINE! You want to know where Yuuto flew off to? Click here!


fuuma Kamui's alter ego and best friend, almost like his brother. In return for the favor that Fuuma did to Kamui when they were young, the latter promised to protect them, especially Kotori, Fuuma's younger sister. Fuuma was apparently brainwashed by Kanoe and he turned out to be much more than even she can handle! He had this insane delusion of being "the real Kamui." He killed everyone in sight, including the Land Dragons, Kanoe, and Kotori. He even used Kamui's sword! His battle with Kamui atop Tokyo Tower would've been a classic if it wasn't too short. I think he spent more time battling the other Sky Dragons. Fuuma ended up not only losing his head psychologically, but physically as well. 


Zechs Marquise/Milliardo Peacecraft - Original heir to the Peacecraft kingdom. He gave it up to his younger sister, Relena, because he felt his hands were too stained with blood to carry on the pacifist traditions. Zechs is pronounced Zecks. A soldier of a organization called OZ. His love interest: Lt. Lucreizia Noin. He belongs to the Cinq Kingdom (destroyed by the military) He's a Lt. himself but soon becomes the leader of a group called the white fang and plans are to destroy earth in the name of peace(in the name of peace?). This info from "Juuyon-gou Gero" and Duo Ramos.  


larvaA frequent feature of bishounen sites. Unfortunately, only his pictures are shown. He's the male lead of this series…or at least the Raptor thinks he is. He's very protective of Princess Miyu. Apparently he's a vamp too. Hey, if all vamps looked like this they'll have more volunteer blood donors than they can count in their eternal lifetime! Why is his name larva anyway? A bishounen like this is more comparable to a butterfly ^_^. Unless of course the word larva means something else in Japanese. 


arislanAnother one whom we ran across while netsearching. A blue-haired dude whom I thought was from Fushigi Yuugi. Isn't he cute? Unfortunately most of the sites he guests in don't say much about his character. But then of course bishounen sites are primarily for visual appreciation. Anyone out there know who he really is or what he does? Crown Prince Arislan from the Heroic Legend of Arislan. His best friend is an ex-general in his father's army named Daryoon (another bishie). 


tenku Watase-sama does it again with this sinister hunk! Appearing as a villain in the Fushigi Yuugi OAV, he's a sorcerer who gets his claws on the seal between the Miko world and the book world. He kidnaps Yui and forces her back into the Shijin Tenchi Sho, turning her into Genbu no Miko and eliminating the existence of the previous Miko. This triggered a chain of events that would lead to the inner world battle between Suzaku no Miko, her seishi and Tenkou. This also involved the twins Amiboshi and Suboshi, as Yui was in danger. Tenkou, the nasty sorcerer even used poor Yui as a shield! But then we aren't talking about attitude here…otherwise, half of the boys in this shrine wouldn't be here *_*! 

squallErrr...we're not even sure this is his name. We just saw his pic somewhere where a faded text showed Squall and we figured its got to be his name. Yeah, so we're one of the deprived few who haven't played *any* Final Fantasy at all! No, don't grieve for us...yet. Isn't he soooo cute??? Oiya, he is such a droolsome dude. He kinda looks like Johnny Depp, don't you agree? We've yet to hunt him down and find more about his profile. Until then, he'll be hanging out with the boys at this section. Squall Leonhart - Main character of Final Fantasy 8. He got the scar on his forehead while sparring with Seifer Almasy (another bishie). He doesn't like to talk much, and joins up with Rinoa Heartilly in an some kind of revolution. His main weapon is the Gunblade (kickass weapon!!). 
                   much about him. I do know that his best friend is an ex-general in his father's army named Daryoon (another 

lovely limoneThis anime only recently came to our shores to replace Saber Marionette's time slot, so we've only seen like 4 or 5 episodes. And one of the times The elephant was watching, she spotted this drop dead gorgeous piece of meat....err...man I mean. I saw him for 10 seconds afterwhich I immediately screamed "BISHOUNEN!!!!" much to the surprise of our customers *_*. And on went the PC to go searching through the net to find *any pics* of this fine anime specimen. An angel who descendeD to earth to find the Angels of Love (Ai Tenshi). He was the first one to find Momoko. Wields a sword and helps the Ai Tenshi whenever possible. Falls in love with the lovely Yuri/Angel Lily. Turns out to have an alter ego in the form of soccer boy Yanagiba. 

Limone's alter ego who is just as bishounen as he is ^_^! The captain of the school soccer team and the fantasy of every high school girl in the anime series. All three Ai Tenshis have a crush on him (Actually Momoko is in love with Yousuke, but she refuses to admit it ^_^). As Yanagiba, he has no awareness of the Ai Tenshi or the battle they wage against the forces of darkness.He has some sort of amnesia in this state. Isn't he sooo kawaii?  
Wedding Peach's main man and the love interest of heroine Momoko. Goalkeeper of the high school varsity soccer team. Looks heckuva lot like Hidaka Ken of Weiss Kreuz (you don't believe us, look here!). Is actually a descendant of Bien of Lafar, one of the strongest warriors of the enemy camp. In his blood runs the evil seed of the Ai Tenshis adversary. He's a perpetual victim of hypnosis, control, attack of the enemy. Is supposed to be the Ai Tenshis main obstacle to beating Reindivira (did I spell that right?) but took their side instead. Is in love with Momoko and is more demonstrative of it in contrast to his Sailor Moon counterpart Mamoru. 
sexy sephirothHe's here courtesy of Usagi's request ^_^. As earlier stated, we haven't played *any* Final Fantasy so we haven't much of an idea of who these guys are and what they do ^^;;;. Anyhow...isn't he sooo bishie-wishie? They say he's cool and he kicks ass. We'll take your word for it. Cool hair, cool eyes, cool bod, cool as ice...what more can you ask for? Oh and his armour is soooo nasty. Sephiroth - Genetically engineered, his mother is the feared Jenova. o.o; He wields twins swords that are reeeaaallly looong. Goes psychotic after finding out that he was engineered and does... wierd stuff. You want to see the anime chara who has a striking resemblance to him? See here
I fell in love with this silver-haired villain the minute I laid eyes on him. He is sooooo...breathtakingly gorgeous! The baddie of the manga series Yami no Matsuei, he is the one who killed Hisoka (that kawaii Omi-lookalike who serves as a partner to main man Tsuzuki). If I remember correctly, he took 6 years of torturing poor Hisoka before finally killing him real slowly and painfully. Alive and well and working in a hospital in Tokyo. One of his eyes is mechanical and he uses this to drain people's energy, mostly that of his patients. Has a desire for hero tsuzuki, both his powers and the man himself. Perpetually torments and sexually harasses Tsuzuki.
This time we really haven't an idea…we don't even know their names *_*
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