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Here we go...a second lookalikes page! And before you go off sending double kodachis, Makai fire or EVA unit 00 to either one of us, kindly remember that this is all done in the spirit of good fun. NO HARM INTENDED TO ANYBODY. Many, many thanks to the people who contributed to this page. We love getting reactions, comments and what-have-you from our dear visitors. And if you suggested any bisshie boy and he's not here, that doesn't mean we *ignored* your request. We just happen to run out of either time, internet hours or money to pay the bills ^^.  For comments, suggestions, violent rections, feel free to murder...ehem...contact us!
aoshi shinomori
Aoshi Shinomori
(Rurouni Kenshin)
Ah yes, this one is contributed by Dyosa. And it was only then we noticed that they do look alike. Even Misao and Lucy, their respective sidekicks are split images of sorts. 
lantis from rayearth
squall squall
this image sourtesy of AnimeArt
Squall Leonhart
(Final Fantasy 8)
The elephant noted this resemblance the minute she laid eyes on Squall babe. It was just a matter of time before she found the pic ^_^. 
Johnny Depp
(Now this dude doesn't belong to ANY anime series!)
Kurosaki Hisoka
(Yami no Matsuei)
 Contributed by Natsumi-chan (Hi there, Nat!). Hisoka-kun looks like a more juvenile version of the even more juvenile looking Omi-kun! How old that makes him is beyond me *_*.
here's looking at you, kid!
Omi Tsukiyono
(Weiss Kreuz)
(Ranma 1/2)
 Ooookaayyy...before the elephant gets stomped on by Hiei-followers...she would like to point the finger at Romina-chan (so you can stomp on both of us ^_^ J/K Romina ^^).
(Yu Yu Hakusho)
 blue thunder of Furinkan high
Tatiwaki Kuno 
(Ranma 1/2)
 A teacher and a student lookalike...no really. That guy on the left is really Kuno-sempai. See, even he approves of his mirror image ^^. 
this picture courtesy of AnimeArt
(Hell Teacher Nube)
 the beautiful emperor of konan
(Fushigi Yuugi)
 A contribution from Lala-san (of the FOR-ML). We never thought of this before but when it comes right down to it, they *do* have a striking similarity to one another, especially the pout. Oh no Hotohori-sama! There's another man as beautiful as you!
itsuki of yyh 
(Yu Yu Hakusho)
(Final Fantasy 8)
We got this from one of the shrines dedicated to Yoji-kun. Black Angel, if we're not mistaken ^^. From the ponytail to the kawaii cowboy hat. 
this image courtesy of Red Angel
Yohji Kudou
(Weiss Kreuz)
oi, is that bishounen?
Rei Ayanami 
(Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Ah yes, these two animals (i.e, webmistresses) have *really* lost it this time. But don't you agree they look like twins? Hmmmm...actually, Rei-chan is a reincarnation of Soujirou. They not only changed his gender, but they wiped the smile off his face too ^^.
sohjiroh ayanami
Sohjiroh Seta
(Rurouni Kenshin)
 this image courtesy of Usagi Vindaloo
(Final Fantasy VII)
Sephiroth-sama appears in this site courtesy of Usagi Vindaloo ^_^. We don't know which came first, the demon fox or the hunky game chara. Oiya, I think now that Tamamo-san has finally found the skull to fit his taste, and what a body it belongs to ^_~! 
hell teacher nube hunk
(Hell Teacher Nube)
(X 1999)
this image is from BANE'S Anime and Manga Harem
Is it the spiky hair? The sugoi glasses? The slanty, cold, eyes or the diabolic mind? Whatever it is, it makes them two of a kind!
(Rurouni Kenshin)
Recca Hanabishi
(Flame of Recca)
 This look of having black, windblown, hairdryer -resistant do is sported, not only by Reeca-kun but by Carrot as well ^_^. They seem to like it though. Classic anime-group-leader-look.
carrot top 
Carrot Glaces 
(Bakuretsu Hunters)
this image is from Carrot's Loveshack
tomo the homo
(Fushigi Yuugi)
Four words. This is Lynn-chan's fault ^_^. SIlver hair, high ponytail...errr...sexual preference? ^o^ Kidding!!!! 
tokiya the...
Tokiya Mikagami
(Flame of Recca)
ran tot
Aya Fujimiya
(Weiss Kreuz)
"Ofcourse they look alike, fercryinoutloud." To those who don't know (though I doubt there isn't one who does), Koyappi-kun is Aya Fujimiya's seiyuu (in addition to the other droolable bishounens he gives life to).
Koyasu Takehito
(Yu Yu Hakusho)
So they may NOT be bishounen but....
Before you people start condemning and sending us *FLAMES*, we would like to say that WE LOVE KUWABARA and there is no chance in hell that he'll ever be compared to the lowlife on the right other than in physical attributes. 
(Beavis and Butthead)
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