This one's for you...
play it again, it againOh, hello there. Amiboshi here, from Yuu Watase's masterpiece Fushigi Yuugi. I am one of the Seiryuu seishi. My given name is Bu Koutoku, and I am the first born of twins. My twin brother is Suboshi. I, or more correctly, we, were born on August 26, in Tenryou-shi, San'un-shou in Kutou-koku. We are under the constellation of Virgo. I am 15 years old, stand 168 cm (5'6") and my blood type is A. On my right shoulder is my seishi symbol, "ko" meaning high spirits. What do I like doing? Playing music on my flute and composing songs- I am a music lover. It is also through this way that I am able to send my chi. It comes in the form of a song, thus, many are unaware of what is happening. I can control and direct it to my target without his knowledge. But that is not the only thing it can do. I also use it to sooth people's nerves, create a high wavelength communication channel and barrier, break through other people's spells and kill people, if need be, by sending an intense chi through the flute melody. 

twin bishonenI share a strong bond with my twin brother. We can experience each other's physical and spiritual experiences. We communicate by scratching messages on each other's body, with the message appearing on the other twin. We also feel each other's chi as if it were our own. 

We are orphans, seeing our parents murdered in cold blood before our eyes. All we have is each other, and thus I am very protective of Suboshi. All I want is an end to the war that has left us alone in the world. I do not want to see other children suffer as we have. Thus, I will do anything to achieve this goal. I am capable of even violence, when necessary to achieve this goal. And if a sacrifice of life is necessary, then I shall do it. My only desire is to live a peaceful life with my brother in a safe place. 

Okay, some spoiler warnings are issued here. The rest of my life, there isn't much of it really. The Suzaku seishi had discovered that I was not Chiriko- the seishi they were looking for. Apparently because I nearly got them killed by my deception. They chased me to a raging river, known for claiming victims by dragging them to their watery death. I lost my footing near the wall and almost fell…if Suzaku no Miko had not caught me by my flute. At that moment, I realized my wrongdoing and decided to repent by letting go of the flute and falling to my death. 

Funny though, I didn't really die…I was just knocked unconscious. I was found on the shores of Sailo by an elderly couple. I had lost my memory then, and so they adopted me and raised me as their own son. I was renamed Kaiku. 

I guess that's enough for now. No, I have no intention of telling you what happened to me and Suboshi at the OVA. That'll be too much spoiler already. Until then, see the small image gallery I share with my dear twin. Sayonara! 

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