allen of asturia
you were saying...?Greetings to everyone. I'm glad to see you all here. This is Allen Crusade Schezar VIII of Vision of Escaflowne/Tenkuu no Escaflowne. I'm 21 years of age and my day of birth is on 3rd of the Blue Moon (November 3 to all non-Gaeans). I stand tall at 185 cm (6'0") and weigh 71 kg (150 lbs). I hail from the Kingdom of Asturia. I am also known by the titles Heavenly Knight of Asturia/Caeli Knight. I serve the Kingdom of Asturia and is its greatest knight. I am pilot of the guymelef Schezarade and Commander of the Crusade ship.  

allen schezarI have lost my family, well, almost all of them. My father, Leon Schezar had gone to a quest to find the secret of Atlantis and had ventured off to the Mystic Moon. He had met then Hitomi's grandmother to whom he had entrusted the secret of Atlantis which he had found. His journals entail the mysteries of Atlantis. He was killed by Dornkirk's men because he would not reveal them. My mother is Encia, a beautiful woman who was loving and devoted to her family. She loved my father very mcuh and his disappearance caused her grief, but not as much as the disappearance of my younger sister, Celena/Serena, thus causing her death. Celena, my younger sister, disappeared when I was 11. Nine years ago, that was. It was only later that I would find out how the evil scientists of Zaibach had made an experimentation on my poor sibling. They made her the screaming madman that we know now as the entity, Dilandau Albatou. Unbelievable. Sad. But most true. Then of course I have Natal, my faithful white owl, and my crew of the Crusade who remain faithful to me, Gadeth, my co-captain, and all my men.  

my first love...Oh yes, Prince Chid. The young monarch of Freid. He doesn't know this, but I am his biological father. He had grown believing that the Duke of Freid is his father. But that isn't the case. The young prince is the fruit of my love affair with Princess Marlene, oldest of the three Asturian princesses. She was my first love. She used to tell Chid of my adventures and of my greatness. The child had grown looking up to me. Marlene, unfortunately had died.  

I am a skilled, talented knight and a true believer in Chivalry. My mentor and trainer was Balgus, one of the Three Swordsmen of Gaea. He also trained Van, but we differ. The King of Fanelia is a little more of an impulsive fighter. I am a thinking fighter. I try not to misuse my talents and abilities. And I'm patient as well, as my temper does not flare up as quick, but when it does...well, let's just say you wouldn't want to be the one to have incured my wrath.  

these are MY girls, you hear that??!!!I don't think the tag playboy is appropriate. I don't fool around with women's hearts, for when I love, I love one and true. Marlene was my first love. Millerna reminds me much about her. And Hitomi...her innocence reminds me of my sister, Celena. She's a wonderful young woman. They both are. I love them in different ways. I am a bit confused with my feelings, however and don't ask me questions now as I can give no answer.  
Beneath this facade of gentleness and gallantry, lies a sad man. My life is filled with such tragic events. I try not to blame anyone or anything. Such is fate. But I know someday soon all of that is going to change, all for the better. When the war with Zaibach is ended and Gaea is restored to peace, then all would be well. For all of us.   

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