beautiful yuutoHello there. My name is Kagai Yuuto and I come from the anime/manga/OAV series X 1999. I am much honored to be  here...and my thanks to Arlene who requested that I be transferred here from the Anonymous section. I am a Land Dragon/Dragon of Earth, in contrast to the Sky Dragons. I'm not exactly the most popular in our group...all that limited screentime and manga exposure. But I do work my best when I do get the cameras focus on me. I don't mind about destroying the world/human race...I'm pretty nonchalant about that one...They say I am one of the Dragons of Earth who feels emotion...compassion...however little it may be.... 

I have a soft spot for Satsuki...and she does have for me too...I distinctly remmeber her asking her BEAST to help me when all hell broke loose...Fuuma losing his top and that in our headquarters (remember the OAV? She asked her comp to "Help Yuuto..." sweet girl, isn't she?). Watching Satsuki in the BEAST is one of my favorite hobbies...as well as watching Kanoe nap. No...I am not perverted in any sense...I just like doing that...that's all. 

ah yuuto no kawaiiI have a sister named Tomoe...by the way. 

My powers involve water. I used this in the fight scene with Karen. I also use psychic powers involving ropes with spears, using psychic blasts to power them. I have a total of three fight scenes, two in the series and one in the OAV. Yeah...such short exposure. But then there's always one who gets such little screentime ina aprticular anime series like Chiriko (FY), Kaworu (Eva) and all that. I was just the one involved in X 1999. 

I guess I don't exactly fit the bad guy mold. My character is relatively nice and always smiling. Almost a good guy to be honest. Of course there will be facades under certain shells. Mine...I won't tell. Quite unbelievable that I am a Dragon of Earth. There are times I am compared to Amiboshi....that perhaps I should've been born a Dragon of  Sky. But I'm pretty content where I am.  

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