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Hello everyone! I am 15 from the Phil. I need friend someone who can advice me how to love the girls like my girlfriend that he can not know how to love me. Please..... Email me for the answer.!

Date --     From - EGYPT
he is so bishounen.
Date --     From - PERAK

Name - rey estp[eres    Email -
Date --

Name - Jon Seguin    Email -
Date --     From - Baguio
I love watching samurai x and especially the cool stuff.

Name - Sakura hinakou    Email -
Date --     From - canada
Hi my name is sakura from "sakura's gundam wing site"
..I like Nuriko the best out of all the characters but hotohori is still a sweet guy
~snif~ why'd they have to die? WAAAAAAAAAAAA
Well, anways you havea cutie little site.
Name - Annie    Email -
Date --     From - mass
great site... alot of hot animen! Well i love ken Hadaka the best. I have a well obsessesiveness over him :: is that a word?::
well keep it up.I hope i see updates

Name - MoOnstaR    Email -
Date --     From - Canada
he is so bishounen!!

anyway, keep ure site up!!

Name - Julius Uy    Email -
Date --     From - Philippines
Of Course! Nice work! Perhaps one of the best F.O.R. site that was ever made

Name - Army Sta.Ana aka Heinell no Miko    Email -
Date --     From - Manila,Philippines
EEEEEE!Zettai bishounen Henell sama!!
Thank you for including my fave horned
blond!!Many says he's not bishie. One
day when I finally learned how to build
a site I'll do a Zardos shrine for you
bishie hungry guys.(Wanna fic that features
this?email me!!

Name - Kristina Joy Tan    Email - Dont now
Date --     From - Quezon City

Name - lllDate --

Name - Ragabash    Email -
Date --     From - hell
Excuse me, but why did you steal the graphics from my Yuuto Shrine, Nagisa?

Name - Angel    Email -
Date --     From - Makai
I love this place...
God bless!

Name - GEorge    Email -
Date --     From - Philippines

hi...yer image gallery aint working
nice work!!
Name - dA 1 ANd ONLy "HIME"    Email -
Date --     From - WiNnIpEg
dis site is cool!
das all i gotz to say

Name - Taia    Email -
Date --
Great website! Very cute although I'd like to see new Guys to Adopt ^.~ Keep it up!!!

Name - Justine    Email -
Date --     From - Yokosuka,Japan
Waaaaiiii!!!!! such a hot site!!!
U have very yummy picks for bishounen!! ^3^!!
Oh yes have u heard of Hakkai Cho from Saiyuuki?
U should check out that anime/manga!!!
Just saying... Yummy site!!!! I drop buy a few times!!!
Jya ne!!

Name - jc    Email -
Date --     From - philippines
super cool website!!! keep it up! Loved especially the part about Kurei and the lookalikes page!
Expect that I visit frequently!

Name - Yoshikawa Nao (Nao-chan for shorty)    Email -
Date --     From - Akihabara, Kounan, L4 Cluster Colony
Nice site! Nuriko is hot and is best
when he is a guy! kawaii! Ja!

Name - Naaila    Email -
Date --     From - London
My sis just luvs Darien!

Thanx for putting up this site...keep it up!

Im Outtie!

Name - Ai-sensei    Email -
Date --     From - Canada
*drool* bishonen...

Name - Bombay    Email -
Date --     From - Thailand
I like Omi vert much.He is so KAWAIIII!

Name - hikoDate --     From - earth
*drool* *drool* *drool*
your page is soooo*drool* droolworthy
keep up the good work! i love the page you made for me!
Name - Lonica    Email -
Date --     From - hong kong
that's great!

Name - Flaminia    Email -
Date --     From - Italy,
HOTHOTOHOTHOTHOT.... oops, that was "Audrey rose"!!! Well non matter, it really fits! Go on like that, I'll send here may friends.

Name - Elektra-chan    Email -
Date --     From - Hogwarts (haha)
You girls need to watch Revolutionary Girl Utena. There are so many gorgeous anime men in that series. Including my Mikage Souji...and my Tsuchiya Ruka...

Name - Queen of the sounds!Date --
Wah!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Like Love Like Love your page
There are so many bishounen!!!

-QuEeN oF tHe SoUNdS-
-Also a Recca/Yusuke/Tokiya/Raiha/ fan!!-
Name - M-chan    Email -
Date --     From -
Just wanted to say ... Cool Site! SO many bishounen ... Ooooh, gotta love it! You've managed to collect lots of interesting info and pics. Great! Keep it up, ne! :-)

Name - Hiei    Email -
Date --     From - Makai
o.o @ poll

Name - Jou-chan    Email -
Date --     From - Cali4nia also known as smogville
What is this?! i see no Touga?!
Whaaaaaa! why is this so! How can
you not put him up?! And where is
Marron and Carrot?! What about
Inu-Yasha and Sesshoumaru?! Moose!
So many peopl to add on!! Heehee.
Anywho, I love ur adorable page.
Sooooooo many cute animen and so
little time *sigh* I demand more!!
Name - Crazed fan    Email -
Date --     From - MWAHAHAHA

Name - ICE YITOMI    Email -
Date --     From - a place
Love of darkness is life of the soul. Love of hatred is the bodiesfall. Love of the light is in plain sight.Love of human shall rule.

Name - Zero Celsius    Email -
Date --     From - U.S.A.
I absolutely adored the fun and energetic enviroment of this site. It has a fresh approach and the loads of cute guys didn't hurt. :] Fabulous job.

Name - tasukitty    Email -
Date --     From - the mountians of CT
Kawaii site! i just love the idea of adoption(i've already adopted a chibi from another site) and im waiting to see if tasuki(my beloved tasuki) gets up there-unfourtunatly i may have to fight for him, won't i? but i'd also like to see Koji(from fy) from ranma: ryoga, mousse from Slayers:zelgadiss or xellos and from Sorcerer(bakuretsu) hunters MARRON!! if you need pics, you can always ask me, especcially for marron! but i love the site! keep up the good work!

Name - Justine    Email -
Date --     From - Japan
Wow!! I love your voting choices!!!!
Keep up with this sweet page!!!!

Name - MoOnstaR    Email -
Date --     From - Canada (but I'm Filipino)
This is a very cool site!! AAAHHHH KUREI, TOKIYA AND KENSHIN R THE BOMB *drool*
anyway, I hope u continue on making a very nice site, K???
well, have fun!!!

Name - maricon callado    Email -
Date --     From - philippines
it was such a nice website. i like the pictures of different anime characters. hope to see more new pics.

Name - Niji Kurayamiko    Email -
Date --     From - Makai
My gosh! So many bishounen in one site!
I LOOOVVEE this site! Can I link it on
my webpage?! Keep up the good work!
Keep those bishounen on the bishounen
page comin'! (I'm waiting for Tokiya
or Kurama or Raiha to show up...^_~

Name - apple    Email -
Date --     From - WKML
Ey! So I voted! YEY! Omi won second place!!!!!! I LOVE YOU OMI!!!

Name - bruiseLee    Email -
Date --     From - phil.
guyz!guyz!guyz!(i'm referring 2 U..not 2 d
bishonen) if u manage 2 put in sano here...
where d heck's Tsunan?? i'm frm a
pretty "activist-oriented" maybe
you could put in a fearless journalist instead of just kick-ass
CK models....i!!!!what an
"english seiyuu" 2 die 4!!!!!!

Name - e    Email - e
Date --     From - e

Name - Arlene    Email - Starboard
Date --     From - Tampa
Much thanks for actually giving Yuuto his own page! (Was i really persistent?)
I didn't think you guys would do it but i am certainly quite happy you did! :-)
I hope others will enjoy just as much as i do!
Well, i love this site, it's one of my faves!
Keep up the great work! :-)

Name - missymeow or babybrat    Email -
Date --     From - Philippines^__^
to the great lukin',absolutely mysterious,
smart,handsome,charming,super charmin' Tokiya Mikagami:

*oops...i'm getting a little overboard*
I LUV YOU!!!!!!!!YOU'RE THE COOLEST!!!!!!!!!!
*screamin'& droolin'(obviously!)
anyways,great place u got here.
or missymeow
* offense to those who adore the
other bishounen!(peace!)* ^__^

Name - Aya    Email -
Date --     From - City of Angels
...Ooohh! I love your page! The LookAlike section was very amusing. It is strange how I never noticed all the similarities between these anime characters/real people/Sanrio character...keke. Keep up with the good work! I shall visit here frequently. Ja ne! ^o^

Name - Hotoko    Email -
Date --
Hotohori, Ken, Tokiya, Aya, Nuriko, Tasuki!!!!!!
*drools* a bit carried away there...
^_^: *apologizes profusely*
Cool site ^_~

Name - Cat     Email - Jedicouncil
Date --     From - Australia
I'm glad you included Hotohori.....Miaka is just plain crazy to choose Tomahome over that divine Bishonen babe. What about absolutely Number 1, Allen Schezar the beautiful knight of Asturia from "Vision of Escaflowne" , he is SOOOO beautiful the way that second pic in your miscellaneous section is of Laures-chan, the Prince of the Demon World from a beautiful the Manga called "Seimaden" , he is absolutely lush with incredible long black hair, other lovelies in that series is Teteiyus and Zadei...

Name - raven    Email -
Date --     From - philz
waaahhhh!!!.... another good
your site can make bishonen no
miko's site make a run for it's

i scanned your site and the "animen
anonymous" site caught my interest...
i'll be mailing your lil raptor for
a more detailed descriptions of them

BTW ... how 'bout the guys from
Name - JyJy    Email -
Date --     From - Philippines
Hi!Would you mind if I use~uh... Ahem!!!
Well anyway, I just wanted to say that I like your site.
Waayyyy cooo I dunno how to choose a favorite here. I mean
get a load of Ken's wonderful, handsome...aya's
well his i dunno, build? Tama-chan's (uh, would you mind if I drool?)
caring personality. Uh, I could go on fffforever!!!!
Just keep up the good work okay? (ugh, I sound just like my teacher!!)

Name - CrissyDate --     From - Philippines
Thank you so much for putting
Tokiya in here! He is my favorite
Bishounen of all time!!!

Name - Desiree     Email -
Date --     From - Singapore
I love your page! All the BISHONEN guys are so cute!!!
I was practically drooling.
Keep up the good work
And don't forget to put just kawaii guys on the page
: )

Name - kittyne    Email -
Date --     From - uh...the Philippines...or from outer space would do! ^.^
nice! i like the site...hmmm, very gorgeous bioshounens. hehehe...go Tokiya! I like the graphics and i think you did a very neat job. the way, what happened to Tokiya nad OMI-kun?1 ^o^
anyway, keep up the good work and i believe you can do it! Ja! ^.^
hehehe...i shall go back to my cavern. wah! OMI- kun! Hori-sama! ^.^

Name - Karen Pascual    Email -
Date --     From - Philippines

i like ur page very much. and u have a very excellent tatse of choosing anime men...
hehehehee... Keep it up!!!!!!

Name - Blackjack    Email -
Date --     From - Oregon
What about Setzerr Gabbiani from Final Fantasy VI? He's a babe!!!

Name - WILDFIRE    Email -
Date --     From - konan koku

Name - A-chan    Email -
Date --     From - inuyasha forrest
the man with the black hair and red glove is Rauresu from Seimaden. ^_^

Name - RAIHA FANDate --     From - Singapore
I LOVE your page .Keep it up!

Name - Roseanne    Email -
Date --     From - philippines
i really love this site even if i visited this only once.. but starting from now i will surely enter this website address.. i love TAMAHOME soooo much and i wish he'll be for real and the same as my age so that we can be more than friends. he he he

Name - Miko-dono    Email -
Date --     From - Australia
Love that red hair
love those violet eyes
love that katana
Love my Aya

Name - omi-chan    Email -
Date --     From - Melbourne

Kumusta kayo? I just love your page.
Ang *cool* naman yung idea ninyo.

0mi-chan: A place where you can escape reality and gaze and drool upon your favorite bishonen!!

NOTE: Omi's two older brothers are MAsafumi and HIROFUMI, not *Ouka*.
I've seen the Japanese version (English sub) of Wiess Kreuz and Lyka's name is OUKA!!

Anyway gotta go, keep up the good work!

Ja ne,
~Omi-kun's lover~ (Ang kapal ko naman, ne? ~_^)

Name - Kristine    Email -
Date --     From - The states baby!(US)
Hi Hi!! I really like your page.Yusuke is definately my most fav. bishy!!!!!!Once I'm done with my homepage, make sure U pay a visit okayz!I especailly love your Yusuke section.The reason I want to make a shrine to him iz ,because I feel bad about this great bishy not having that much pages dedicated to him, besides of the Hiei and Kurama page they're so many of them!!Anyway I'll shut up now. I just wanted to say your page is beautifully decorated!!!Well gotta go now


~Hana Nikko

Name - Fuuko Kirisawa    Email -
Date --     From - Philippines

Name - Takae SeichiDate --     From - Not telling! ^_^x
What took you so long to include Seta-san??
But I am glad that you finally did.
Sohjiro is one of my favorite character.

Name - ...........    Email - .............
Date --     From - ...........
Mashado Kang Feeling kala mo ikaw si aoshi
baka nga ipis lang ay kinakatakutan mo.......

Name - Samurai 3000 AD    Email -
Date --     From - Malaysia
Warrghh!!! Bishounens!!! I'm driving myself crazy over them! What more can I say? Bishounens are bishounens!

Name - Ika    Email -
Date --     From - Indonesia
Tokiya is so cute I just love him.
Your page is great I love the
detail you went to. But honestly
some of these guys are not that

Name - Charaira    Email -
Date --     From - Philippines
Cool!!!An I Like The lookalikes sections and Info about my Favorite animen

Name - SanliDate --     From - New York Ciyt
I absolutly love your site.
Getting down to business, my very
favorite anime boy is Omi Tsukiyono.
I also love Amiboshi, Quartre (from Gundam Wing),
Kamui (from X/1999), and Squall
(from Final Fantasy 8).
Sorry, I don't have a Email Address,
but please IM me at FonG AiFai.

Name - Chingi    Email -
Date --     From - Philippines
GREAT!!! :)

Name - Marjorie F. Flauta    Email -
Date --     From - Antipolo City, Philippines
I like your graphics here but I want
more about YouJi.
Anyway, YouJi, you are the cutest &
jolly member of the Knight Hunters.

Don't compare yourself to Aya.

Name - Das Rivera    Email -
Date --     From - Puerto Rico
This site is a Masterpiece! I do a lot of navigation looking for a good site about Kenshin Himura and I found this site about Animen. It's really spectacular! I love your site. Althoug I'm a man I really enjoy those animen! Specialy the ones of Ruoroni Kenshin. Thanks for your deep exploration of this characters. ^_^ I only hope someone can do a similar work for ANIWOMEN! ^o^! Maybe I'm the one. Please I need help in te proyect! Contact me! And Support this site, it worth your time! Tambien puden contactarme en espaņol! ^_^ see ya!

Name - ROgueMINA    Email -
Date --     From - Pearl of the Orient
I loooooooove your page (and your Fuuko page too! Though, I'm rooting for a Tokiya-Fuuko-Recca love triangle ^_^;;). My faves are Tokiya and Youko Kurama. I hope you'll include a wallpaper section where we can all drool on the handsomest guys of the Anime world.
Name - Aoi Akari    Email -
Date --     From - Philippines
Naaliw naman ako ng sobra sa webpage nyo...pero one comment lang--Ken is mine!!! All mine!!! MWAHAHAHA! Ay wa-poise! Masyado kayong masipag. :) 'Yon lang..
Great site!

Name - Diane Jomarie Tolentino    Email -
Date --     From - Philippines, Manila

Love your site. Love Hiei, also known as Vincent. Take care. Babbu!

Name - C. Wai Ying    Email - nightwing2212
Date --     From - Singapore
I really LOVE this site! Especially because it mentions a whole lot of info about TOKIYA MIKAGAMI (Flame of Recca) and KURAMA (Yu Yu Hakusho)! I love them! The graphics and design as well as the colours were really cool on all the pages I went to look at! Keep up the GREAT work!

Name - annie    Email -
Date --     From - philippines
you got the best fuuko shrine ever!

you did a great job completing this shrine.

you also like every guy i like in animation.

well keep up the good work!


Name - Manille    Email -
Date --     From - Philippines
I just LOOOOVE your website, so many bishonen! Wai wai wai!!! Ne, I love the Yusuke shrine the best!!!

Name - Kevin    Email -
Date --     From - Cotabato City

Name - Natsumi (head priestess and all)    Email -
Date --     From - where else? Philippines!
Love the site! Of course you know where my favorite part is! *grins*

Waiii! By the way, thanks for your banner contribs. I'm so endlessly grateful. I actually made one on my own! (Photoshop stopped haitng my guts)

Oh yeah your title is up.

I voted for Tokiya too!

Um...I'm doing random babbles again. Well, keep up the great work I love the graphics and add more on Tokiya

Mikagami: Baka! That's YOUR job!
Natsumi: *blinks*
Mikagami: What?
Natsumi: *still blinks*
Mikagami: WHAT?!
Natsumi: *pounces on him* You actually ackowledged that I'm your head miko!! *huggles him*
Mikagami: Noooo! I didn't!!!

Tee-hee couldn't resist! *goes searching for her J/E dictionary...*

blast can't find it...oh well... Ja mata!

Name - gabbie    Email -
Date --     From - Singapore
Tokiya is my favorite character in Flame of Recca!!! Do u have more pics of him??

Name - Utena    Email -
Date --     From - New York baby!
Great page! Keep up the good work!:)

Name - Lady Setsuna    Email -
Date --     From - USA
I love all those pics of the sexy bishonen men!
Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see more!

Name - Calico-chan    Email -
Date --     From - Philippines
I finally visited your page. But where's Omi-kun? No page is complete
without Omi-kun!! Well anyway, It had bunches of other coll bishies to keep me
Happy healthy and occupied. ^_^ Keep uo the good work guys!
Lovey your pagey. I'll be sure to come back!

PS: Can' wait for Omi.
PPS: Where's Tokiya?
PPPS: Soujiro rulz!!

Name - Nami Fujimori    Email -
Date --     From - Kyoto, Japan
What a neat page! It must've taken a
lot of time and work! So nice to
see almost all of my favorite
bishounen in one place! Keep up the
good work!

Name - Amelya    Email -
Date --     From - Indonesia
Great site! I love it!!! ^_^

Name - Jude Michael Y. Logarta    Email -
Date --     From - Philippines
You are awesome.

Name - Ana-chan    Email -
Date --     From - Anywhere Kurama is.. or Tokiya! *_*
I love the graphics of this page! But.. where's Tokiya-kun?
Ne... but I love Kurama's section of the site anyway... you hvae my thumbs up! ^.^ Just that... what happened to most of the pics? c.c; Heh. ^^
Anyway... Keep up the good work! ^.^ I know you can do it!

Tokiya no Miko dessssuuu! ^.~
Name - Denise Choong    Email -
Date --     From - Singapore
How unfortunate!
The Tokiya page isn't up yet!
But that's alot of choices you got there...
Great work of searching huh? :]
Good for you! Nice page! I like the graphics.
Keep up the good work!

~Tokiya fan~

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